CSKA cooler star of “Barcelona”. “Soldiers” assembled the absolute best team of Europe

CSKA cooler star of “Barcelona”. “Soldiers” assembled the absolute best team of Europe

CSKA cooler star of “Barcelona”. “Soldiers” assembled the absolute best team of Europe

Transfer the off-season in European basketball are actually over. CSKA, “Zenith” and “Valencia” has officially announced that it has completed the lineup for next season. The rest of the clubs if they make some signings, then they will only point and crucially on the alignment of forces in the Euroleague will not be affected.

One of the main outcomes of the off-season can be called the collapse of Fenerbahce. The Turkish club lost its status as the dominant power and the giants of Euroleague basketball after the departure of coach Zeljko Obradovic, as well as the key players derrick Williams, Kostas Sloukas, Luigi Datome and Nikola Kalinic. On some Jan Fun and Nando de Colo will not get far. The budget was reduced by $ 10-12 million New head coach Igor Kokoskov staffed primarily the composition of the dark horses that have fallen from the clubs Champions League level FIBA.

One more Turkish club “Anadolu Efes” runs the risk of stagnation and regression. Efes officially extended the contracts with the performers at the age of 30 and more years, Bryant Dunston, with Krunoslav Simon, Chris Singleton, James Anderson, Rodrigo of Boboi and Tibor Playcom. There is a verbal agreement on the extension of cooperation with the most dominant player of last season, Shane Larkin. However, on the official website of “Ephesus” and not a message appears stating that the American will remain at the club for the campaign-2020/2021. Perhaps Larkin waits for the NBA season to consider employment options in the strongest League in the world. In any case, even if the “hilt” will be Shane Larkin and Basil Mitsich all age roleplayers is likely to take a step back.

Real Madrid is going through the same problem. The performers in the clip of the head coach of the club of Madrid Pablo laso too age. Captain Felipe Reyes in the course of the next season in General will turn 41!

Rudy Fernandez — 35 years, Sergio Lulu — 32, Jaycee Carroll — 37, the Fabien Cozero — 33. Significant changes can be noted replacement Jordan Mickey on Ante Žižić, but it is dramatically on the competitiveness of the “real” will not affect. “Creamy” risk not just to sustain the rhythm of a long season with this selection of performers. Especially if teams leave the Argentines Facundo Capazzo and Gabriel Dec, are interested in NBA clubs. Rampazzo seriously motivated to move overseas, according to Marca.

Maccabi will lose 19-year-old talent Danny Obadiah, who will be selected under a lottery pick of the NBA draft. Although this is not so important. In General, the roster of Maccabi does not possess the talent to the club from tel Aviv was considered a Grand and a serious contender for victory in the Euroleague. Milan are well staffed in the summer (in the number of acquisitions is allocated Kyle Hines, Malcolm Delaney and Luigi Datome), but the team Ettore Messina’s age too. “Milan” and “Khimki”, perepodpisanie Alexey Shved, clubs who can spring a surprise and beat any top team in a particular match, but still favourites in the title race they don’t count.

Of all the participants of the Euroleague are the two dominant forces — CSKA and Barcelona. The portal Eurorodevotion believes these clubs the strongest in Europe, with superiority over all others.

“Other teams? “Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes” behind CSKA and Barcelona. Not much, but behind. Maccabi is much lower. Other contenders? The list is over,” writes a columnist for an Italian website.

It’s difficult to argue. CSKA and Barcelona are the teams that stand out against all the others. “Soldiers” and the “blue garnet” will be the undisputed favorites of the season. However, someone still have to give preference to. First of all lets remember the full teams and the incident change in them during the summer.

CSKA (Moscow, Russia)

Point Guards: Daniel Hackett, Janis Strelnieks, Alexander Khomenko
Shooting guards: Mike James, As Hilliard, Ivan Ukhov
Lightweight forwards: will I believe Cliburn, Nikita Kurbanov
Heavy forwards: Tornike Shengelia, Johannes Voigtmann, semen Antonov
Center: Nikola Of Milutinov, Joel Bolombi, Andrey Lopatin
Head coach Dimitris itoudis said.

Left: Andrey Vorontsevich (free agent), Ron Baker (free agent), Mikhail Kulagin (free agent), Kyle Hines (Milan), Costa Porto Koufo (free agent), Howard Saint Rose (Panathinaikos)
Came: Nicola Of Milutinov (Olympiakos), Tornike Shengelia (“Basque Country”).

Barcelona (Spain)

Point Guard: Nick Calathes, Thomas Heurtel
Offensive defensemen: Cory Higgins, Kyle Kuric, Leandro Bolmaro
Lightweight forwards: Adam Hanga, Alex Abrenes
Heavy forwards: Nikolo Mirotic, Victor Claver, Rolands Smits
Center: Brandon Davis, Pierre Oriola, Artem Pustovoy
Head coach: Sarunas yasikyavichus.

Left: Malcolm Delaney (Milan), Ante Tomic (“Juventud”), Kevin Pangos (“Zenith”), Pau Ribas (“Joventud”)
Came: Nick Calathes (Panathinaikos).

Note: positions are named conventionally, as many performers are able to cover several roles. For example, Mike James in CSKA surely will often perform the duties of point guard.

The roster is definitely not going to change. Barcelona can still sign a center, but not the fact that it will happen. The Catalan club unsuccessfully tried to get Ian Jolly, who decided to stay in Fenerbahce for an expensive contract. “Large” “Zalgiris” Jock Landale wants to pursue a career in the NBA. On the market more there are no special options, except that left Zenit 35-year-old Gustavo Ayon. In General, there is a high probability that the composition of “Barcelona” in the match of the first round of Euroleague against CSKA 2020/2021 October 1 will be the same as listed just above.

Even a cursory look at changes in the rosters of CSKA and Barcelona immediately struck by the preponderance of the number of departed players over the newcomers. To blame the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. Even the top clubs are forced to reduce the number of players in the squad because of problems with finances.

Now for the comparison. Lineups CSKA (Mike James, As Hilliard, will I believe Cliburn, Tornike Shengelia and Nicolas Milutinov) and Barcelona (Nick Calathes, Cory Higgins, Adam Hanga, Nikola mirotic and Brandon Davies) are filled with plenty of stars. However, the names of CSKA actually cooler. James, Shengelia, Milutinov — players who entered the top 6 of the Euroleague in efficiency last season. Barcelona is only one such performer — Nikola mirotic. In the “leopards” at the point guard position, it should be noted the presence of the best playmaker last season, nick Calathes (9.1 transmission), but the Greek has obvious shortcomings, among which is frankly weak shot from middle and long distance.

Perhaps individually stronger Higgins of Hilliard, and Mirotic is a bit superior to Shengelia (primarily due to the strong skills on the perimeter), but otherwise the advantage of CSKA is more than noticeable. Milutinov — picking the best of last season, James is one of the most talented scorenow Euroleague. Don’t forget about recovered from his cruciate ligament rupture will Cliburn. In may 2019 forward was the MVP victory for CSKA “the Euroleague Final four in Vitoria. Severe trauma can affect the game will, but in General completely lose your great talent he should not. It is possible, I believe Cliburn will even enter the game from the bench, and start Dimitris Itoudis will release Nikita Kurbanov. But this fact does not change. I believe Cliburn of all indicators is in the top 5 leading players of CSKA, and CSKA’s start seems preferable to Barcelona.

Go to the “benches”. CSKA (Hackett, Strelnieks, Khomenko, Ukhov, Kurbanov, United Voigtmann, Antonov, Bolaboy, Lopatin) and Barcelona (Oertel, Kuric, Bolmaro, Abrenes, Claver, Smits, Oriola, Pustovoy) rely on the fusion of foreign players and local players as backup options. Khomenko, Ukhov, Lopatin in the camp of “soldiers” and Bolmaro, Smits, Pustovoy, composed of Barcelona players, who will receive a short minute, their contribution to the result is minimal. Five main minor CSKA — Hackett, Strelnieks, Kurbanov, United Vogtmann and Bolombi. Barcelona — Oertel, Kuric, Abrenes, Claver and Oriola.

Oertel — a top playmaker by the standards of the Euroleague, which in the majority of clubs would go into the start. Couric — a very strong sniper, which will not refuse any team. We can say that Thomas and Kyle a few stronger than their nominal counterparts from CSKA Hackett and Strelnieks in terms of pure talent. Although we should not forget about the leadership and mentality Hackett, who claims to be the new captain of CSKA at the departure of Hines. Kurbanov, Woltmann and Bolombi — much stronger Abrines, Claver and Orioli. 33-year-old Nikita Kurbanov is still in great shape and does a tremendous amount of work in defence. And the attack is much more useful Abrines that after the transition from the NBA last year frankly drooped.

Voigtmann is one of the best “stretching” power forwards of the Euroleague. To have such an artist among the backup options, the luxury. Actively scoring a three-pointer, the German certainly by level higher than Victor Claver. Naturalized by Bolombi continues to progress and adapt to European basketball. It is much more universal mediocre of Oriole Spaniard from Barcelona. Total quality roleplayers, CSKA is also better, especially if we add to this intangible asset in the form of a leadership mentality Hackett, who is ready to lead teammates behind him in any role that he’ll take coach.

Go to the head coach. Dimitris Itoudis won two Euroleague at the head of CSKA, but this is still five as an assistant to Zeljko Obradovic at Panathinaikos Athens. Sarunas yasikyavichus four times experienced the triumph in the Euroleague as a player. Coaching summary Sarasa victories in the strongest tournament of the Old world are not included. Yes, Yasikyavichus repeatedly over the head with a modest “Zalgiris”, bringing a team with a low budget in the playoffs and even the Final four of the Euroleague in 2018, where in the match for third place beat CSKA Itoudis.

Potentially Sarunas able to achieve great success in Barcelona, but nothing is yet proven in fact. Itoudis gets the advantage due to the titles and more experience coaching.

And last but very important factor: the winning culture of the organization. 8 CSKA won the Euroleague for the entire history of the club, second by number of titles, only real Madrid (10). Barcelona were able to win the Euroleague twice (once with my quick as a player in 2003). As for recent history, the advantage of CSKA is just a total. “Barcelona” was synonymous with organizational mess for most of the last decade. Only after serious financial investments in the summer of 2019 and transfer of Erotica the “blue garnet” has become visible light at the end of the tunnel. CSKA missed the Final four of the Euroleague in 2011 over the previous 18 years (except for a torn pandemic coronavirus campaign-2019/2020). Barcelona often don’t get to the playoffs. Statistics of personal meetings of the army” and the Catalans with a 2000 — strong CSKA lead 16-10.

CSKA is a club that historically was always determined to win. “Barcelona” in this regard, looks much weaker. The Catalans had not fully recovered after a disastrous decade. The signing of this Mirotice well as the care of the “remnants of the past” pivot Tomic and head coach Svetislav of Pesica. However, the result has not yet been proven. As a result: CSKA Moskva in the season-2020/2021 will defend the title in the status well-deserved favorite. Yes, this does not guarantee victory in the Euroleague, but the fact remains — “soldiers” gathered the absolutely best team in Europe by the end of the off-season.

CSKA cooler star of “Barcelona”. “Soldiers” assembled the absolute best team of Europe

CSKA cooler star of “Barcelona”. “Soldiers” assembled the absolute best team of Europe


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