CSKA now is the most effective composition in history. Explain why

CSKA now is the most effective composition in history. Explain why

CSKA now is the most effective composition in history. Explain why

CSKA have agreed a three-year contract with heavy forward “the Basque country” by Tornike Shengelia. This was reported by the Greek edition of the SDNA. A number of European sources also confirm the relocation of Georgians in Moscow.

Contract Shengelia with the “Basque country” was valid until 2022, CSKA will pay approximately € 1.5 million euros (the amount may be smaller, final details to be agreed) ransom for the termination of the contract of Tornike and Spanish club.

The transition Shengelia CSKA officially reported only next month, when completed the championship of Spain. In the Pyrenees decided to finish the campaign-2019/2020, despite the pandemic coronavirus. The renewal of the Spanish championship is scheduled for June 17. Shengelia finally try to help “the Basque country” to win the title, although the subconscious will present itself as a CSKA player.


Information about the interest Shengelia to CSKA goes for a long time. A few years insiders have sent Tornike in Moscow, but in the end, before the transaction is not reached. It was rumored that Georgian is bad for Russia, therefore no transfer to the camp of the “soldiers” of the question. Referred to supposedly negative statements Tornike in the media, but in search engines it is difficult to find an interview of striker insulting Russia. All this information is like fiction.

Shengelia before and after the match against CSKA repeatedly in a friendly manner communicate with Andrey Vorontsevich, have a chat with other Russian basketball club “CSKA”. Well-known commentator Vladimir Gomel in their conference has denied the information that the Georgian basketball player’s negative attitude to Russia. “The father of Tornike played for Tbilisi “Dinamo”. We are familiar with. During Eurobasket 2011 in Lithuania we talked with him a lot. I felt that in the family there is some prejudice against Russia. Tornike says well in Russian. Be sure to share with him a few words during visits to Moscow. I think he’s communicative, friendly and smiling people. Never heard Shengelia said something bad about Russia,” wrote Gomel in response to the question of the fan.

Now directly to the points that directly relate to basketball. In the Euroleague season-2019/20 Shengelia averaged 15.9 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game. Efficiency rating Tornike was 18.5 points (6th place in the tournament). Without exaggeration, the player top level, which shows the elite level for years. In the campaign-2017/2018 Shengelia became the first team of the Euroleague season averaging 13.7 points, 6,1 rebounds and 2.1 transmission efficiency of 18.2 points. In the Spanish League he also hit the top five for the year.

Rights to the video belong to Euroleague Basketball. Watch the video in YouTube account with EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL.

Season 2018/2019 Shengelia slightly overshadowed by injuries. Team in Euroleague he didn’t hit, but he was named the most exciting player of the championship of Spain-2019. In the course of the season Tornike nominated for inclusion in the national team of the past decade in the Euroleague. In the top 10 at the end of the decade, Shengelia is not included. One of the main reasons the 28-year-old Georgian played in the Euroleague, mostly during the second half of the decade, and before that couple of years spent in the club NBA “the Brooklyn nets” and “Chicago bulls”, but the nomination is well deserved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W585hkFTQhE Rights to the video belong to Euroleague Basketball. Watch the video in YouTube account with EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL. The signing Shengelia makes CSKA phenomenally strong and powerful by historical standards. Previously, the Moscow club has signed center Olympiakos Nikola Milutinov, closing the top-5 Euroleague efficiency (19.2 points, top of utility in their position) and re-signed three-year defender Mike James (20.9 points utility, 3rd place in the Euroleague, the best among shooting guards). Three of the six effective (in fact, the best) players in Europe are collected in CSKA — never such was not.

Again, in the roster of CSKA three players from the top 6 most useful in the strongest tournament in Europe! At different time CSKA were many stars, but the lineup for the season 2019/2020 looks a real superteam. All the main performers at least 30 years old, 29-year-old James, a 25-year Milutinov and 28-year-old Shengelia received a three-year contract, that is, they are in Moscow for the long haul.

It is worth considering that the composition of the CSKA is still not finished. Top Euroleague point guard Kostas Sloukas (Fenerbahce) and Nick Calathes (Panathinaikos) associated with the transition to Olympiakos and Barcelona, respectively, but their transfers are not yet completely decorated. CSKA attributed the interest to Sloukas and Calathes. Who knows what will happen in the near future. Although the latter can find a strong player in the back line, even if his name is not Sloukas or Calathes. In any case, the composition is already very strong. James, Shengelia, Milutinov, recovered from his cruciate ligament rupture MVP winning “Final four” of Euroleague-2019 will I believe Cliburn, Nikita Kurbanov, Daniel Hackett, Johannes Vogtmann — players to add in the rotation wouldn’t no club in the Euroleague. Particularly impressive looks of the front line. The departure of captain Kyle Hines is not a problem, if to take into account a purely gaming aspects.

In the “frontcore” CSKA is the most effective searching and the best center of Euroleague of Milutinov, plus the second utility heavy striker Shengelia (on its position is second only to the superstar Barcelona Nikola Mirotic), versatile forward, and I believe Cliburn and cool “stretching” the fourth number of Vogtmann, three-pointers which will become a severe headache for opponents “soldiers”. The acquisition of the top players in the back line even make the team, Dimitris Itoudis European “dream team”. In the offseason-2020 CSKA decided to buy players with successful experience in Europe. Taken into account last year’s mistakes with the signing of Costa of Porto Koufo and Ron Baker, as well as more ancient transfers of Alec Peters and Joel Freeland are straight from the NBA. The bookies certainly will think that CSKA is a favorite of the season-2020/2021 as good as Spanish giants real Madrid and Barcelona or the Turkish “Anadolu Efes”, headed by Shane Larkin. It remains only to wait for the beginning of next season, which promises to be very entertaining.

CSKA now is the most effective composition in history. Explain why

CSKA now is the most effective composition in history. Explain why


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