Fury left UFC legend St-Pierre in awe with ‘incredible’ KO win over Wilder

Mixed martial arts legend Georges St-Pierre believes Tyson Fury’s dismantling of Deontay Wilder in February was one of the finest in heavyweight boxing history.

The Brit pulverised Wilder to claim the WBC belt and GSP, who reigned supreme in the UFC welterweight division revealed his huge admiration.

Fury left UFC legend St-Pierre in awe with 'incredible' KO win over Wilder

Fury outboxed Wilder in February and stopped him within seven rounds

“It was incredible. It was a master performance,” he told BT Sport.

“It was incredible. He did what most of the so-called experts thought was a bad idea to do – to come forward.

“He’s very good with the jab and the one-two, he uses angles beautifully – it was amazing. Probably one of the best performances I have ever seen from a heavyweight in all of boxing fights. It was incredible, for me.”

Anthony Joshua is in the Gypsy King’s sights, but AJ has to get past Kubrat Pulev before a unification fight between the Brits is agreed.

Fury left UFC legend St-Pierre in awe with 'incredible' KO win over Wilder

Joshua and Fury have agreed to fight in 2021 in what would be the biggest fight in British boxing history

That is likely to take place next year if Pulev doesn’t cause an upset this year.

GSP is a big boxing fan and explained why the potential Battle of Britain match-up is tough to predict.

“It’s not always the best fighter that wins, it’s the fighter that fights the best,” he explained.

“So, I can’t tell you because of my ignorance. I’m not talking about skill versus skill, I’m taking about the day of the fight, the preparation, the mental side – there is so much stuff that can influence the outcome.

John Fury warns Anthony Joshua as Tyson Fury trains

“What’s fun about it is, even on paper one may look better than the other, but the ignorance of the spectator makes it in a way that we want it to happen just to see what will happen,” St-Pierre said.

“It’s like a forecast. It can be predicted to be sunny, but it’s raining.

“We can predict to a certain degree in the fight game because there are some repetitive stuff that both guys are doing and everything that we judge in fighting and in real life, we judge based on previous experience that we know.”

The 39-year-old GSP appears to be getting himself into prime shape with a possible return to the octagon to take on Khabib Nurmagomedov on the horizon.

That’s providing ‘The Eagle’ can defeat the tricky Justin Gaethje in October and retain his lightweight title.

Fury left UFC legend St-Pierre in awe with 'incredible' KO win over Wilder

GSP, right, has been keeping fit in case he is called into action to take on future Hall of Famer Khabib


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