Holy bugger. Who was overseas dressed stars on Halloween

Holy bugger. Who was overseas dressed stars on Halloween

In the last few years, the NBA deliberately pays special attention to all kinds of holidays and special dates. It is not only a great opportunity for clubs and leagues to make money on merch, bonus offers and other things, but also to attract the attention of the diverse audience. And if the Mexican weeks and weeks of St. Patrick’s, usually associated with clubs from Texas and Boston, it’s traditional for the entire population of America Halloween resonates in the hearts of most fans, but players. The status of the star is not averse to show off and to appear in unexpected images, have fun yourself and amuse respectable audience. This year was no exception.

Most popular character — and there is nothing strange — became the Joker. A film with Joaquin Phoenix made all that noise that basketball players began to try on all the possible variations and modifications of the odious good sense of humor. Among his adherents were seen:

The Defender Of “Nets” Spencer Dinwiddy

Sniper “Wizards” Bradley Beal

And teammate and colleague Beat John wall, who is the recovery process after the rupture of Achilles did not stop to dance in makeup on one of the holiday parties.

Steph Curry also treated after the injury this week. Stef for this damage could be a problem, but is a broken arm can serve as a barrier for Base space Ranger Lightyear from the animated film “Toy Story”.

By the way, this year many have decided to move away from the traditional horror stories and preferred to transform into characters from movies of different genres. For example, the forward of “clippers” Patrick Patterson took a few extra kilos in the nutty Professor Sherman Klump.


Dwyane Wade decided to be a little more subtle. He turned to the drug dealer Nino brown from the outstanding crime drama of the 90s “new Jack city”.

But for him, and all the others with the stock, worked for Dwight Howard. You need to have a fair share of courage and self-irony, to associate himself with the buxom temptress with Rasputia Latimore from the Comedy “Norbit”. Pink negligee Howard praised even Shaquille O’neal, who wrote: “Damn, you look good! A bit more than a bowl of corn porridge, which you’re obviously not abused, babe.”

Forward “Cleveland Cavaliers” Kevin Love did not get out of the way of the maniac Jason Voorhees, even during the post-match interview.


Well, in the end we sweeten a little bit with this feast of dismemberment with the metallic taste of blood on lips of something life-affirming. For example, playing the “Washington” by Azea Thomas in costume Oompa-Loompas, a modest workaholic-a dwarf from the fairy tale “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. Growth allows, the imagination available. Here’s how to extract profit from their personal qualities.


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