Incredible slow-mo video shows just how powerful Mike Tyson punches

In case you still weren’t sure about the power of a Mike Tyson punch, wait till you see this stunning video.

The former heavyweight champion is preparing for his eagerly-anticipated comeback fight at the ripe old age of 54, where he’ll face old rival Roy Jones Jr, 51.

Incredible slow-mo video shows just how powerful Mike Tyson punches

Tyson is getting himself into excellent shape for the fight and still has the power

Tyson has been getting himself into excellent shape for the upcoming bout and below you can see he still possesses that devastating power that served him so well during his pomp.

The video was uploaded by Tyson’s new coach Rafael Cordeiro, a former MMA fighter.

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Technique ✅ Focus ✅ Power ✅ Speed ✅ Cardio ✅ Don’t miss! November 28th on PPV, @miketyson is back! #stillthebaddestmanontheplanet #miketyson #boxing #kingsmma #mma

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The fight was due to happen on September 12 but has since been rescheduled to November 28, which is during Thanksgiving Weekend in America.

The California State Athletic Commission sanctioned the fight, which will be over eight rounds and broadcast on pay-per-view.

It also means both fighters have even more time to get themselves into even better shape.

Tyson may be older and probably wiser going into the fight but he’s still susceptible to getting riled up very easily.

Eddie Hearn thinks it's sad that Mike Tyson is making boxing comeback

He recently went on an x-rated rant at one of the promotional ideas for the fight.

‘Iron Mike’ said: “Name a song or a movie that gets you pumped up! ..I don’t want to do this. This is really not me. I wouldn’t be saying this bulls***.

“I’m not going to be asking him to play no movie or no song or what he likes.

“If you want to sell the fight, we’re not going to sell it talking f****** nursery rhymes, f****** novel stuff. [It’s] a f****** joke and these guys are not trying to kill each other.

Incredible slow-mo video shows just how powerful Mike Tyson punches

Plenty have had their say on the pair making a comeback, but Tyson and Jones Jr will get it on on November 28

“‘Hey, what song or movie gets you pumped up baby?!’ Come on, man. That’s me? That’s what you consider me? You consider me a b****?

“This is in the name of fighting, we want to kill each other, man.

“The people are coming to see us fight because they know we want to kill each other. They’re f****** savages – they want us to kill each other. They want blood.”


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