LeBron is better than Jordan. Not only as a player but as a person

LeBron is better than Jordan. Not only as a player but as a person

LeBron is better than Jordan. Not only as a player but as a person

The opinion of the Duncan about Michael Jordan:

“Jordan is Jordan. I have always respected it but never been a fan of his. Why not a fan? Because all the rest are them. I’m just not impressed with it. In fact, nobody in the world who would have impressed me”.

In 2010 James was tired to suffer the consequences of basing his team on a small market and formed the “Big three” in “Miami heat” with Dwayne Wade and Chris BOSH. In the four years LeBron won Miami two titles (2012, 2013). Were also committed two penalties in the final — from “Dallas Mavericks” Dirk Nowitzki in 2011 and the series against “San Antonio” in 2014, the still powerful Duncan, Parker and Ginobili added a Kawai Leonard.

The defeat in the final-2011 from “Dallas” difficult to justify. “Miami” was considered the clear favorite, but the super-team “Hit” was more raw than “Mavericks” full advantage. LeBron formed the Big three with BOSH and Wade by analogy with the trio bulls Jordan, Pippen, Rodman. However, the quality of the trps suffer. The title of 2013 helped to win ray Allen, but the depth of the structure was weak. Jordan kicks has always been not only Pippen and Rodman, but Steve Kerr, Tony Kukoc, Ron Harper , and several other reliable performers.

In 2014, LeBron is back in Cleveland and fulfilled his promise, helped the team from his native state to win the first ever title of champion NBA. And he did it in heroic style. The Cavaliers made a comeback after a gap of 1-3 in the final series against “Golden state Warriors”, who finished the regular season with the best in the history of the balance 73-9. LeBron broke real supercommando with star performers Stephen Curry, clay Thompson, Dramonda Greene and Andre Iguodala. Block shot LeBron Iguodala in the end the decisive seventh game of the series was a landmark moment.

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LeBron could beat the “Golden state” and in the final of the 2015, but at the wrong moment, injured his main teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Although even one victory over the dynasty of the “Golden state” (possibly the strongest team in NBA history) — feat. More from LeBron and claim it was impossible. In 2016, the Warriors managed to get Kevin Durant on the free agent market. Curry, Thompson, green, and Durant in one team — this opponent is virtually impossible to overcome. LeBron regularly did their work. Led the Cavaliers to the finals, even when the circumstances were against him. In 2017 “Cleveland” unexpectedly left Irving, who wanted to become the sole leader in another place. James dragged a mediocre roster to the finals in 2018, where “Cavaliers” dry lost “Golden state” (0-4). King for the series he averaged a phenomenal 34,0 points, 8.5 rebounds and 10.0 assists, double-digit performance helped him only Love (19.0 points). In the first game, James almost alone defeated the whole “Stay Golden” (51 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists). Only a gross blunder Jr Smith brought the case to overtime, where the Warriors pulled out a win (124:114). It was a turning point and influenced the future course of the entire series.

When comparing LeBron and Michael should consider the circumstances. In the 1990s Jordan on the way to the titles or the game dynasties, “San Antonio” and especially “the Golden state”. LeBron was faced with “Warriors” and “spurs” 8 times in the final series and recorded two wins that can be considered a normal result. Why not give credit to LeBron for numerical outputs in the final? James played 9 times in the decisive battle, that is, 9 times won the Eastern conference. Yes, it is less valuable than the title, but still strong. LeBron 8 times in a row (!) participated in the NBA finals on the interval 2011-2018. A break he didn’t, unlike Jordan. The stability and longevity of the King should be appreciated.

As for personal meetings with the stars, James do sweeps top opponents. LeBron has become a real nightmare for one of the best point guards in the NBA 4-time participant of the all-star game Kembo Walker (28-1 in personal meetings). You can point a finger to any superstar in the League and not make a mistake that LeBron is superior to that player in the face-to-face dates: Paul George (32-14), Russell Westbrook (19-9), James harden (15-11), Giannis antetokounmpo (15-5), and even transformed into “the Golden state” Kevin Durant (20-15) could not beat LeBron. Of the superstars of the first magnitude in personal meetings ahead of the King only Stephen Curry (21-14) and Kawai Leonard (15-9), but it’s not so much their merit, as the consequence of being a part of dynasty Warriors and the spurs, respectively. And Curry took the lead only in recent years when the “Golden state” joined the Durant.

LeBron played in the frankly less talented teams with poorer coaches in comparison with Jordan. James had not had the chance to work with brilliant General managers of comparable skill level and intellect with the Creator of the bulls Jerry Krause. King more strong rivals on the way to the title. So 6 of 6 Jordan in the finals — a very relative advantage. Michael found himself in the shoes of LeBron only one time in the finishing stretch went in a dysfunctional “Washington wizards”. There he learned all that the King faced in Cleveland. Bad management, mediocre composition. As a result, Jordan could not bring “wizards” in the playoffs two years at the club.

Often James is charged with the fact that after his departure the team apart. So it was with the “Cleveland” in 2010 and 2018, when the team of the contender for the title turned into a hopeless outsider, settled on the bottom of the standings and fight for a high lottery spades. “Miami” in 2014 is also markedly regressed and ceased to be competitive. However, this is not proof of the significance of LeBron for their clubs? He dragged the Cavaliers virtually alone without a good support. “Miami” is also to a large extent, despite all the merits of BOSH and Wade.

Chicago after Jordan left at the first break reached the semifinals of the Eastern conference, where in a bitter struggle gave way to “new York Knicks” (3-4). “New York” later reached the NBA finals and lost to the “Houston rockets” (3-4). With a little luck the bulls could vie for the title. Scottie Pippen, BJ Armstrong, Horace Grant, Tony Kukoc and Steve Kerr have formed the backbone that is able to solve the competitive problem without Vozdushnaja.

Now to the statistical moments of the game. Former head coach of several NBA teams, ESPN analyst Stan van Gundy told why the question of determining the greatest player of all time prefers LeBron James, not Michael Jordan.

“Obviously, these players are very close in level, but I’ll tell you what the difference between them. They are both good on both sides of the court, Michael, and LeBron, scored a lot of points and was doing all those great things, James. The only advantage LeBron is that he’s a better passer. He knows how to involve others to the game and a slight advantage”, — quotes van Gandhi Clutch Points.

The legend “Detroit” bill Laimbeer doesn’t like Jordan, but expressed the same well-founded opinion.

“Openly state that I consider LeBron James the best player in basketball history. Height – 203 cm, weight – 113 pounds, runs with wind speed, jumping above the ceiling. And more importantly, from the first day he came into the League, he knew how to use their teammates to win. That’s what Jordan had to learn,” said Laimbeer.

For his career, James averaged 27.1 points, 7.4 rebounds, 7.4 assists, Jordan — 30.1 points 6.2 rebounds and 5.3 assists. Immediately apparent advantage of Michael in scoring, but we need a deeper analysis of the statistics. Jordan made the throw of 22.9 per game with the accuracy of 49.7%. LeBron made fewer attempts (19,6) with higher accuracy (50.4 per cent). In fact James had deprived themselves of the opportunity to gain additional 4-6 points, making 3.3 roll is less Jordan. In this case, LeBron would be the advantage over Michael and on performance. In terms of assists and rebounds the superiority of LeBron obviously.

James is a more versatile player. He’s nominally a small forward, but if necessary, close all 5 positions on the court, including play center. Although the King is particularly fond of the feature point guard. Jordan such diversity did not possess. Michael fenomenalno talented in terms of attack, but still playmaking he’s not as developed as LeBron. Just a clear statistical fact: LeBron James is the only player in NBA history who scored 30 000 points, made 9 000 rebounds and 9,000 assists in his career.

Jordan 9 times was included in the team of the season for the protection of, LeBron — 5 times. In terms of defensive actions Michael can give an advantage, but, again, rather conventional. In important matches like playoffs LeBron includes turbo mode protection. The above-mentioned block-shot on Iguodala proof.

Go over individual achievements. LeBron 4 times voted the MVP of the NBA season (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013), although actually could get at least twice figurines. The American media do not hide the fact that LeBron did not recognize the most valuable player due to simple fatigue of his domination. James every year proves that is the number one in the League (even as it enters the middle of the fourth decade), but always give him a reward — boring. Jordan 5 figurines MVP, one more than James. Michael, too, could present the award more often, but still not to the same extent as LeBron.

For the rest of the individual indicators, the project achieved outstanding heights. King for 17 years has dominated the League. 35-year-old James looks ready to play at this level for at least another five years. Jordan’s career lasted 15 seasons, during which he took two breaks. In terms of endurance and durability LeBron has no equal. James surpasses Jordan on the number of participations in Matches of stars (16 vs 14). The King ahead of His Vozdushna by the number of points for his career (34 vs 32 087 292). LeBron is probably going to beat “eternal” record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38 387 points) and will be the most effective in NBA history. This requires a couple of years and the non-interference of the pandemic coronavirus in the seasons that are a real risk to shorten in the near future (due to a possible lockout or epidemic).

LeBron 12 times got in the first team of the season, and Jordan 10. And James wasn’t finished. James record in NBA history in a series of games with 10 or more points. Today the assets of the King of 986 consecutive games with double-digit performance, and after the resumption of the season 2019/2020 in Orlando this mark will be over a thousand. Jordan — second only to LeBron for the duration of the episode (866 games). In General, the statistical benefits of James over Jordan, you can find very much. The king will only increase their number in coming years, inscribing his name in the record books.

The main disadvantage of LeBron in comparison to Michael, the number of titles. According to the head of one of the teams in the Western conference, James supports the resumption of the season, because another championship would bring it closer to the level of greatness of Michael Jordan.

“LeBron reduces the gap, but so far no one can say that he is better than Jordan. To do this he must win at least five Championships. LeBron will make sure that these matches in Orlando took place. He realizes that these matches can have a huge impact on his legacy. He understands that getting one or two titles will be the turning point, and he is determined to compete for the title”, — transfers words of the head of ESPN.

Five titles in the collection, LeBron will really change public perception, which is still almost completely on the side of the Jordan. Let’s see if the King to win a couple more rings. At least this season “Los Angeles Lakers” was good and was the leader in the Western conference to a pause because of the pandemic.

Why LeBron is better than Jordan as a person

Exactly a month ago ended the documentary “the Last dance” about Michael Jordan and Chicago bulls season 1997/1998. The creators showed rare footage with His Airness, as well as more than 100 interviews with the heroes of the NBA at the time. In addition to Jordan’s videos in the documentary series includes interviews with other key players in the bulls: Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, head coach Phil Jackson, and other stars Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and many others. Anyway, this is the story through the eyes of Jordan. At some points Michael appeared not in the best light (probably unwittingly).

“Last dance” came in very handy at the time of suspension of the season. Anyway one of the reasons for the release tape called Jordan’s concerns for its status as number one. LeBron started to get close to him. Michael felt it, and the appearance of the film made with increased frequency to talk about themselves. “The last dance” once again confirmed that Jordan is a complex individual. At least the average player or an ordinary person it would be difficult to get along with him.

Jordan was suspended from school in high school. He was a troubled teenager. Once Jordan left the girl a Cup of soda when she called him a racist word for “n”. Happened many unjustified violations of discipline. By nature Michael was more like his father James Jordan in particular was fond of gambling even while playing in the NBA. Who knows how it turned the life and career of Jay Em, if not for the instruction of his mother, Deloris.

Jordan is a leader by nature. However, his leadership was sometimes acquired a crazy shape. For example, Jordan disliked igraa Chicago bill Cartwright and forbade his teammates to pass him. Michael began to cooperate with him, only when he threatened to break his legs. Jordan beat two teammates Steve Kerr and will Perdue. He threatened Robert Parish, but contact center does not dare.

In the TV series “the Last dance” is narrated by Jordan in an aggressive manner tried to get teammates to work. Sometimes it turned into outright bullying. Even over the veterans. Robert parish spent 14 years in “Boston” and during that time three times became the champion. Its latest 21st season in the NBA at the age of 42 years, the parish has played in “Chicago.”

“Leadership Larry bird differed from magic Johnson and Jordan. Larry was very respectful to us. If you have not had a good match, he was more inclined to be supportive or not say anything at all. Magic and Jordan jumped on you. Once in the season 1996/1997 Jordan criticized me for the bad action in a play episode. I told him: “I’m not crazy about you like the other guys. I also have a few championship rings.” He said to me: “I’ll kick your ass.” I came a step closer and said, “No, you don’t do it”. After that he no longer bothered me,” said parish.

Parish is one of the few who fought back. However, the center was the most experienced player who has seen a lot. It all had the courage to confront His Airness. There must be many untold stories about how Jordan tried to “rot” for young players and beginners. Just not all moments are made public. Kwame brown — one of those exactly who suffered from bullying Jordan. During the stay in the “Washington” Michael lobbied for the selection of Kwame number one overall draft pick in 2001. “Big” is not justified expectations, and Jordan was just brought to tears young guy its stringent requirements. By the way, brown later had a chance encounter with the same aggressive leader for the Lakers. Kobe Bryant also did not let him down.

Jordan said all of his teammates figure. It was a special form of bullying — he was down in the locker room, how many times was scored using each of the teammates in training. Michael prone to quarrelsomeness and pettiness. In “Last dance” he stated that he did not oppose the counsel of the enemy “Detroit” Isei Thomas in the “dream team” team USA at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Later surfaced footage of Michael explicitly States that demanded not to take Thomas to the national team, otherwise he for the Olympic games will not go.

LeBron — not even close to as aggressive leader. Yes, he is demanding, but within reason. Any of the rookie hazing or roleplayers it does not show.

“The most he could say is something like, “get it together”. Swearing was not, was support: “we need You, come on!” And so he cussed me… why is that? And the fact that LeBron affects a team, that’s fine. Coaches are required to listen to it. If I have a valid LeBron? Is. No amount of money will not sell it. Sometimes, congratulate him on his birthday, holidays any. And so, to chat… I Have a good relationship with him, but we are not close friends. You can write to him if necessary, but I still do not”, — noted in the course of the season 2019/2020 Khimki center Timofey Mozgov, who, together with LeBron became an NBA champion in 2016.

“Identify some of your worst qualities, others bring out the best. But there are those very rare people who find you and shove almost everything, even the existence of what you yourself do not know. They shape you. They make you feel alive. They make you strong. They make you real.

From the moment we met, you were there for me just as unique, the King. I don’t believe in coincidences. I prefer to think that I ran into you on his way not just. Where will this lead, it will become clear later, when I continue to move forward. Please accept my sincere thanks for your support and inspiration. I was very lucky to be close and to feel your charm,” wrote Turkish striker “Cleveland” Chedi Osman on instagram after moving LeBron to the Lakers in the offseason-2018.

“We’ve been. We were good friends, but our energy brought us together even stronger. LeBron has often helped me during the season, he took me under his wing and always supported me. Remember bad matches when he first told me not to lose heart. I am really sad, but it’s time to show what I learned from him,” – said Osman in an interview with the official website of “Cavaliers”.

“What Is LeBron? He’s cool. All the stories that people tell about him, most of them are true. To practice he comes for an hour or two before everybody comes. The Lakers, for example, training in 11-12, rocking me at 8 am, so usually he was in the gym in front of me. Before training and after he constantly throws his own team of doctors, trainers, who are responsible for every part of his body. LeBron always tries to support all players. Even when I got traded, he came up to me and said, “You know my number if you need, I will help you”. Some players have criticized that the trainer saw, and LeBron says with the understanding that we need to win games. Everyone understands that he’s not just mean,” said shooting guard “Detroit pistons” Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk.

That is LeBron pays attention to the far top avenues from second round draft pick (the Lakers chose Mikhaylyuk under the 47th peak in 2018) and treats them without any snobbery.

James can even be called a little soft personality. Players of Cleveland Cavaliers J. R. Smith and Tristan Thompson in the lobby from James has received big contracts, not quite justifying their game quality. In any case, intentionally someone ridicule is not part of the LeBron.

The king is extremely closely connected with its community in Ohio. It is not only made the promise to bring the first championship title “Cavaliers”. In the hometown superstars, 200-thousand of Akron near Cleveland, opened a school for children from poor families. LeBron thinks this is a major achievement in my life. For the USA conditions in the school I Promise you do not have analogues: free training, free uniforms, free transportation within 2 miles, free Breakfast, lunch and snacks, the food supply for families of pupils, school exams and assistance with employment, guaranteed tuition at the University of Akron for all who graduate. Spends a James of about $ 8 million a year. LeBron lives up attached to it the title of “More than an athlete”.

Michael Jordan is a brilliant player, but a complicated person. LeBron is also an outstanding basketball player, but seems more down-to-earth personality. At least most “mere mortals” would love to play on the same team with LeBron, not Jordan. And just to communicate in everyday life with the King would be easier than His Airness.

It is likely, LeBron James will never be considered is widely recognized as the number one player in the history of basketball. Most likely, this title will be for Michael Jordan. However, to belittle the merits of the King is also wrong. James has something to praise. At least in some aspects he is definitely not worse than Jordan.

LeBron is better than Jordan. Not only as a player but as a person

LeBron is better than Jordan. Not only as a player but as a person


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