Not a strip club, and a cultural institution! The player got burned on a hike in a place of worship

Not a strip club, and a cultural institution! The player got burned on a hike in a place of worship

Not a strip club, and a cultural institution! The player got burned on a hike in a place of worship

While the NBA championship is not renewed, Lou Williams was given the hottest story for all time of stay of the clubs in the “Bubble”. Brief contents as follows: Williams left Orlando in connection with a valid reason — my grandfather’s funeral. What could be sakralnie than spending a relative on his last journey? Williams paid tribute to the memory of the old Floor, but the stay in the mourning mood of cheerfulness Lou somehow not enough.

On our way back tonight in Orlando he jumped in Atlanta, where the ball of the witnesses captured Williams in a strip club “Magic City”. The player was in the mask that were issued to the players in the “Bubble”, the sensualist and identified. A sensualist, not in the sense of lover of women, but in the sense of the loin, thighs and chicken wings, which, according to Lou, was the main cause of his appearance at the club. The player did not deny it, Yes, it was, but not for the sake of debauchery, but only the will of their culinary preferences.

Now Lou pulls a 10-day quarantine period, and the network, meanwhile, has declared a considerable number of people who were sympathetic to the weakness of the striker. They scribble not touching the letter, no appeal, no call for equality and so forth: all have hammered the argument: guys, it’s “Magic City”!

The thing is that “Magic City” is not some unimportant institution, with bubbling bath and sunflower seeds to the menu, and cultural-social phenomenon not only of Georgia but of the entire South America. Talking about the culture of the South, its cuisine, traditions, social relationships, sports, music and movies. There walked the players, “Atlanta United” (in Atlanta most devoted and numerous army of fans of “soccer”) when became Champions in 2018.

Here was filled with grief, the legendary NFL player and MLB (both leagues he played at the same time and sometimes spent two professional matches a day) deion Sanders, when he lost his first match of the playoffs. Then awkward smile Shaquille O’neal, a student at Louisiana state University.

If anything, it is sports stars gave impetus to the development of “Magic City”, the creation of which is not an ordinary man in the neighborhood.

“Magic City” was founded in 1985 by Michael Barney, who for 7 years before graduated from the prestigious Duke University with a degree in history. The conservative educational institutions, the presence of even such a document was not impressed, and Barney had to combine looking for work as a teacher with the sale of printer cartridges. His diplomacy and sharpness quickly helped him to break out in the ranks of the best sellers and brought him the nickname Magic.

Barney quickly realized that teaching does not belong to the same mutual sympathy and moved to Atlanta, where he took a loan and invested in rental space in the street Forsythe 241: until 1990, Barney was given to the landlords by 100 000 monthly.

Then the “Magic “City”, which is now listed as 150 dancers, could be called the strip club a stretch. In a Barney was a lady, and a modest staff, and from the words of the founder, that a small number of staff at the time helped him to focus on quality of service, professionalism and detail. Barney immediately forbade the dancers to Woo customers, your teaching skills, he decided to implement the lessons of ethics. Girls were forbidden to touch, to lean and to provoke clients.

Feature of the “Magic City” was not only the surroundings, but also the participation of Barney. While studying at Duke University, Michael played American football and in General closely followed the sport. Therefore, when in the “Magic City” began to go and see the stars of the local professional teams, he knew than them to catch. He skillfully maneuvered the conversation, making it so that players are not tired talk about their professional activities, however, gave to understand that he has with them some common points.

Courtesy of Barney, the quality is still very new institution and the low prices have played a role, and soon Dominique Wilkins from the “Atlanta hawks” and Dion Sanders from “Atlanta Falcons” were in fact representatives of the “Magic City” among athletes. The club began to visit not only local, but also stars from other teams: magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Lawrence Taylor, Bo Jackson.

All these stars and many others came to Atlanta to take a look at the dev with the aliases, Platinum, Sparkle, Bling and enjoy the signature chicken wings with various kinds of sauces. This is actually a landmark of Atlanta.

After the athletes in the “Magic City” pulled and musicians. This coincided with the emergence of Cecil Glenn, nicknamed DJ DC the Brain Supreme. People simply worked for the prestigious television channel CNN and played music as a hobby, but after Barney asked him to play one late-night set in the “Magic City”, Glen was already on the hook. He earned $ 400 before midnight. Visitors, among whom were many new rappers, repeatedly asked to put their songs so as to check what the audience accepts in the best way. May we overpay our friend Cecil, than go and give up on the radio a song that the audience does not accept and will lose on this — that was the motto of local musicians.

With such handouts-checks in “Magic City” begins the 11-times winners of the Grammy “Outkast”, the head of the record label “So So Def” Jermaine Dupree, singer of the hit at all times “Crazy” Gnarls Barkley, aka CEE Lo green and thousands of other people who later became successful and famous. Each of them has been giving tribute to Michael Barney and “Magic City”.

It would be strange if the story of Atlanta was only an example of success, exemplary and trustworthiness. In 1994, Michael Barney was sent to 8 years in prison on charges of collusion with a local drug syndicate. All Atlanta knew he was innocent, swore that Barney sample integrity, and his conclusion in the end turned into an urban myth. I’m not a lawyer and not a Prosecutor, but the spread of drugs in the strip clubs — quite commonplace.

While Barney languished in conclusion, intensified competition, and in 1995, the “Magic City” was burned by the unknown, and the institution has taken a year to re-open the door. After Barney was released in 2003, he returned to his business, but with new companions, one of which was Marvin Williams, head, Paradise Entertainment Group, one of the largest corporations in the entertainment industry. So an institution with a reputation and history naturally moved into the 21st century, that with the nature of such institutions is really impressive.

The status of “Magic City” is acknowledged even by the smug representatives of glamour, in 2015, the year GQ magazine made a documentary about the formation and existence of the club, and the building as in the mid-90s continues flickering in the videos of rappers and TV series, which takes place in the vast Atlanta. So be Lou Williams a little posotive, he could tell that the call in “Magic City” to touch the historic monument and not to eat the most delicious in the world chicken wings. Although both in regard to the “Magic City” is true.

Not a strip club, and a cultural institution! The player got burned on a hike in a place of worship

Not a strip club, and a cultural institution! The player got burned on a hike in a place of worship


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