Reserve Mickey Mouse. The city, which will begin with the return of the season

Reserve Mickey Mouse. The city, which will begin with the return of the season

Reserve Mickey Mouse. The city, which will begin with the return of the season

Why Orlando is the capital World of Disney will be the starting point for a restart of the NBA season, spoken by almost everyone: bloggers, journalists, politicians and stakeholders. It may be that the largest of the network of parks of Disney World will become not only one of the sites, which will resume the season, but not the only location. Why and how? Tell!

Disney World has the status of private property, which automatically makes it easier to monitor and protect the area from non-accredited individuals and those who want to qualify for attending sporting events. Specific and rapid way to regulate the number of people on location, whereas in the same Vegas with his MGM problems can occur.

The Disney World complex is equipped with a network of hotels, not to mention the various attractions and establishments that will be opened especially for families and relatives of the players who have repeatedly said that the presence of close relatives and friends — one and priority conditions for the resumption of the season. Not to cut young kids in poker, until their dad dust on the floor, and then their services will be the world’s largest amusement Park.

But it is not important. Most importantly, of course, money. ESPN is the biggest media partner of the NBA, which last year concluded with the League of 9-year-old a contract worth $ 94 billion, is owned by Disney, so they automatically have a “right of first night”. And without that indisputable fact enhance an excellent relationship of head of Disney Bob iger with the Commissioner of the NBA Adam silver and President of the players Union, Chris Paul.

So no doubt, everything is under control, unlike Las Vegas, who managed to screw up literally at the beginning of this week.

The mayor of Sin City Carolyn Goodman in an interview ashamed to say I blurted out that it would be nice to speed up the process of opening entertainment complexes and casinos, the revenue from which is the lion’s share of the income of the city Treasury. Of course, the fickle American puritans (the Vegas on the 5th place in attendance among Americans) then “burned” her on national television and in the press, it was imputed the blame of wrong priorities, disregard for the health of the nation and other suffocating and heavy wording.

Adam silver, who has repeatedly stressed that the most important task for him is the health of the players, their families and staff, became sad and casually shared the idea that locations in the restoration season can be not several, but one. The reason — the refusal of the flight commands between the arenas as another measure to minimise contamination.

Simply put, if before the list of candidates was three cities — Orlando, Las Vegas and Houston, recent speech of the head of Vegas has clearly undermined the chances of the city to hold the event.

As for Houston, he’s still in the race, largely due to the fact that there is the largest medical center on the planet (no wonder, after all, live next door to NASA). However, it can hardly undermine the position of Disney World, the area of which is 25 thousand acres, and is the size comparable to San Francisco or two Manhattan Islands. Wherever it happened, the resurrection of the championship, certainly there is a need to rebuild the site with all its showers and other amenities, so the size in this case matters.

Now it is one of the priority issues, because, in fact, the League will be faced with the erection of the similarity of the Olympic village, but in a short time. Fabulous reserve in Orlando, where Mickey Mouse and are not issued a license to shoot Bambi, in this context, out of competition, and the required number of tests silver somehow organizes.

The process of observation of how all this will be implemented, is no less interesting than the resumption of basketball season, which will likely take place in mid-July.

Reserve Mickey Mouse. The city, which will begin with the return of the season

Reserve Mickey Mouse. The city, which will begin with the return of the season


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