So Russia will be a great summer of basketball. The fate of the Euroleague season

Not later Monday, the Euroleague will announce, will it be through the League or not. Before that, held a number of meetings.

So Russia will be a great summer of basketball. The fate of the Euroleague season

So Russia will be a great summer of basketball. The fate of the Euroleague season

In fact, they already are. Saturday was a scheduled teleconference with basketball players, where each of the 26 teams, 18 clubs in the Euroleague and the eight quarter-finalists of the European Cup, which was suspended before the start of the playoffs, have to participate for two players, including the captain. They talk about scenarios of the end of the season.

Then Sunday will be a meeting of the heads 11 of the clubs who have a permanent residence in the Euroleague (in Russia it is only CSKA). After discussion, they will vote “for” or “against” the resumption of the tournament. The verdict on the same day will be able to approve the rest of the team, and not later than 25 may, the League will announce the final decision.

Recall that in the regular season went 28 rounds of 34, the last matches were played on 6 March.

The situation in the Euro League-2019/20

1. Ephesus (Turkey) – 24 wins-4 losses

2. Real (Spain) – 22-6

3. Barcelona (Spain) – 22-6

4. CSKA (Russia) – 19-9

5. Maccabi T-A (Israel) – 19-9

6. Panathinaikos (Greece) – 14-14

7. Khimki (Russia) – 13-15

8. Fenerbahce (Turkey) – 13-15


9. Zalgiris (Lithuania) – 12-16

10. Valencia (Spain) – 12-16

11. Olympiakos (Greece) – 12-16

12. Milan (Italy) – 12-16

13. Basque Country (Spain) – 12-16

14. Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) – 11-17

15. Villeurbanne (France) – 10-18

16. Alba (Germany) – 9-19

17. Bavaria (Germany) – 8-20

18. Zenit (Russia) – 8-20

Unfinished matches of the Russian teams in the regular season

CSKA home – Maccabi, Villebon, Alba, guest – Fenerbahce, Zalgiris, Milan

Khimki: house – Efes, Olympiakos, Bayern Munich, away to Barcelona, Panathinaikos, Alba

Zenit: houses – Efes, Milan, away – real Madrid, Maccabi, Crvena Zvezda, Villeurbanne

Pair of 1/4 finals of European Cup-2019/20

Partizan (Serbia) – UNICS (Russia)

PROMITHEAS (Greece) – Tofas (Turkey)

Monaco (France) – Virtus B (Italy)

Unicaja (Spain) – Venice (Italy)


Now obviously, if the Euroleague will be played, then just without spectators and traveling, is compact – most likely in the same city. In most European countries, the epidemic is on the decline, some places have already resumed sporting events (e.g. the German championship in football) and more and more of these competitions will be more.

Statistics of the epidemic in 10 countries, whose clubs play in the Euroleague and the playoffs of the Cup of Europe

Given the total value on may 22 and their daily growth on average for the period from 18 to 22 may. In brackets – a place in the world


Sick now




“+/-” in the day

326 448 (3)


223 374 (2)





“+/-” in the day

182 002 (7)


89 808 (5)





“+/-” in the day

228 658 (6)


59 322 (8)


the decline



“+/-” in the day

234 924 (5)


55 820 (9)


the decline



“+/-” in the day

154 500 (9)


34 113 (14)


the decline



“+/-” in the day

179 500 (6)




the decline



“+/-” in the day

11 024 (46)


5246 (40)


the decline



“+/-” in the day

16 690 (38)


2496 (55)


the end



“+/-” in the day

2874 (76)


1331 (68)


the end



“+/-” in the day

1604 (91)


432 (95)


the end

The main contenders for the right to spend the ending of Euroleague are Kaunas, Athens and Belgrade. Also in this regard, reference was made to Cologne, which was initially supposed to make the Final four -2020, and even Moscow. However, the latter option is not very real in Russia in General and its capital in particular to the end of the pandemic is still far. But in Lithuania, Greece coronavirus to roam is not given, there are almost all behind.


Now on a tournament formula. The regular season will probably play out as expected – even on neutral territory for all clubs, except for one or two. CSKA and “Khimki” in the zone playoffs, such a scenario is quite favorable: the calendar they had home games with direct competitors – Maccabi and Fenerbahce respectively – which our before lost away with double-digit difference in the score. But there’s no fat – it’s better than nothing.

The main stumbling block – quarterfinals: whether it is necessary to cut them from a 5-match series to a single game, reducing in this way the playoff format to the Final eight? Logically, perhaps Yes, what is the point to tighten the 1/4 if everything is in one place and in an empty stadium? Here it is if you were to inflate, it is rather final.

In terms of time version of “six rounds plus the Final eight means a maximum of nine matches for the team and fits easily in one month. It’s only 62 games, they are easy to take one room – especially because the capacity in this case is not important. The problem lies elsewhere: whether all clubs will want to trudge to distant lands and to finish the championship – especially from those in place in the quarterfinals is not intended?

Such, however, is a little, three or four pieces of. And they all have a place in the tournament for a while, a year or two, mainly through a wild card. So in the event of “strikes” in the Euroleague is a good “leverage”. But here there is a “problem No. 2”: before the resumption of games teams still need to gain at least a little bit intelligible form. This means not one month, but a good two.


Plus a two-week quarantine for basketball players returning from other countries. By the way, how to dig them out? Especially in the US, where foreign players of the Euroleague is complete, and coronavirus rages in full retreat and is not going to. Irregular hours, clubs have to complete the main draw of the European Cup not in those compositions in which they started it.

Although many still have to slowly train: “real”, “Barcelona”, “Crvena Zvezda”, “Partizan”, “Fenerbahce”… In Germany and Israel has even decided to play, starting in June, the Championships of their countries. And on the same contemplating in Spain and the Adriatic League. True, there may again arise a contradiction with the Euroleague. Maccabi, for example, has already said: if you have to choose between two parallel tournaments, the national we will send it out.

Note: all basketball League, have not yet abolished the ending of their seasons, in addition to Israel, directly tied to the selection procedure in the next Euroleague – the one that is 2020/21. The only exception is our VTB United League. They all have been “chopped off”, and “Khimki”, in the lead in the domestic championship, since are in limbo will leave them in the continental elite or not?

Recently RBF after much wrangling decided to call (or not call?) the national champion is going to happen on may 27. But here I on the site of “Khimki” would not be happy. After all, the Euroleague agreed to only one permanent place for our “best team except CSKA” not with the Federation, and with a Single League. Which clearly stated: its champion in this season will not be defined.

In General, it is now clear that nothing is clear. Have to sit and wait for news from Barcelona, which are expected not later than Monday. My point is simple: whatever they pile up in the details, the main thing that this summer we returned to the big basketball.

The largest of basketballs with Russian participation.

source: “Soviet sport”

So Russia will be a great summer of basketball. The fate of the Euroleague season

So Russia will be a great summer of basketball. The fate of the Euroleague season


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