Sold By “Mn”. Garnett please do not worry

Sold By “Mn”. Garnett please do not worry

Sold By “Mn”. Garnett please do not worry

Despite the fact that in the dictionary Dahl nouns “surprise” and “surprise” side by side, it’s not the same. For example, fresh news about the willingness of the owner of “Minnesota Timberwolves of” Glen Taylor to sell the club was a pleasant surprise against the background of relentless messages about what had Breakfast today NBA players are trapped inside the “Bubble.” But is this information a surprise? No, considering that in the spring the most outstanding player in the club’s history — Kevin Garnett — the expanded interviews were told that was the main reason for his quarrel with Taylor, and why Mike “Timberwolves” 21-th number is still not hanging under the arches of the “target Center”.

One of the reasons for the transition of Garnett in Minnesota in his career was not only too syrupy desire to pay tribute to the club that drafted him in 1995-m to year, gave a start in life and made him the highest paid player in NBA history with career salary of $ 343 million, but the promise of Taylor to make the K-g one of the owners of the club after retirement. “Big Ticket” ran off at the head of the wolf pack your latest the 2015/16 season and was counting on a nice parting, but nothing came of it. The beginning of the season was marred by the death of Flip Saunders, the most successful coach in club history, which was for Garnett a mentor and a father from his early days in the NBA, and Garnett subsequently learned about the unwillingness of Taylor to include it in the composition of the owners of the club and to grant any kind of meaningful authority. Here is a quote from an interview with Garnett website The Athletic.

In short, while not burned, and now Taylor is simply no moral, physical and financial resources to carry a club for yourself. Grandpa has already sold part of their shares in other business projects and deal with the sale of “Timberwolves”, in fact, sends her love endless meetings, contracts and other routine. In 80 years to solve the economic problems that only worsened with the start of a pandemic COVID-19 — so-so prospect. Especially since Minnesota even in the presence of tolerable basketball culture remains the state of hockey and football. In the regular season “of Timberwolves” 29 second last place in attendance, and the next season, like all teams, will play in an empty stadium and no tangible assumptions to exit in the playoffs. Whether it’s hockey “wild”, which this summer will notch in the playoffs, and in autumn will test the new Russian renewal Cyril Kaprizova. Or football “Vikings” with a steep Delvin cook, Adam Tylenol, the Hollywood hill and one of the best defenses in the NFL. How to deal with these competitors? Yes way. Isn’t it better just to sell them the club?

Who is buying?

Press awkwardly out dancing around the specifics, but with a probability of 99,9% it will be Siegfried Wilf — the head of the family that owns “Vikings”. This situation is beneficial to both parties. Selling “wolves” Willfu means the execution of the main conditions of Taylor, which reads as follows: “Timberwolves” should remain in Minnesota. It is clear that the buyer can promise anything, the precedents are known, I’ve been there. We all remember how Clay Bennett bought the “Supersonics” with the solemn promise to leave the “supersonic” in Seattle, then the team with Novosaratovka Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook disappeared in a puff of sulfur and smoke to the accompaniment of diabolical laughter Bennett, and originated in Oklahoma. It was really tough, even without whips, latex and wax.

Selling “Timberwolves” Willfu, Taylor gives his child in good hands. Occupying a similar position in related fields, I am confident that Taylor and Wilf know each other, met and discussed the matter urgent. Such relationships automatically facilitate the task of Taylor, because you’re selling the club “to his” person, not a Horde of strangers, active billionaires, where everyone agrees on everything, but in fact each is guided by its purposes and principles. Wilf is associated with the sports life of Minnesota, his income and status is quite clear and tangible — 5.3 billion purchased on the market. For 15 years he showed that he can transform a fairly mediocre NFL team. For announced period Wilf built in the suburbs of a huge training complex was built for the Vikings new stadium, and the coaching staff and analytical staff as the northerners some of the best in the League. Wilf, like most Germans, rational and consistent.

And how, after such recommendations to be taken seriously tweets Kevin Garnett of his intention to claim the purchase of “Timberwolves” in a group of some investors.

Especially after his words about Taylor. In particular, after the recent statements about what he would like to revive the basketball…in Seattle.

Garnett was a great player and perhaps the most passionate and fierce competitor I’ve seen. Few people so burned by the game. But what of the great players, to put it mildly, does not always turn out outstanding functionaries, we can see the example of Michael Jordan, who did not work neither “wizards” nor “the Bobcats, or the hornets”. With all due respect to contradictory figure of Garnett, I would like to remember it is not a little dejectedly watching “Timberwolves” merge another match.

Bringing our Affairs in order requires time and money, which logically affects the price reduction as a condition of Taylor prohibiting the relocation of the team. A few reputable insiders report that Taylor had received several proposals to sell the club for 1.5 billion, but with an open option of moving. A pensioner is standing his ground and, apparently, will continue to stick to the similar line. Such principles and dedication to the city deserve respect, but they have their own price. Financial analysts at Forbes believe that the conditions of Taylor scare off buyers who are interested in the railway club for a more lucrative advertising market and reduce the value of the “Timberwolves” to 1.25 billion.

Will the “Timberwolves” better?

Now this question no one will answer, but the fact that things will move forward is in itself a positive development trend. Taylor, like many age believers, — Dolan, Reinsdorf, Gail Benson, and others like them — because of their age and authority available begin carefully to go into those aspects of club management, where their expertise is quoted at the phrase “I’m the owner, I said, so right.” Such mentality leads to the fact that important positions in the club come completely stray characters that do everything to flatter the employer, simply become repeaters of his paranoid ideas and theories. When the club will become the property Wylfa, then, in my opinion, it is a likeness of marriage in heaven. Though not his own, but he managed to assemble one of the best analytical and statistical departments in the NFL — a League where statistics plays a more important and meaningful role than in the NBA.

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Nevertheless, in the NBA there are ardent followers of digital theories. First and foremost is, of course, math geek and the General Manager of the rockets Daryl Maury, from under the wing of which this winter fluttered Gershon roses, now occupying the post of the President “Minnesota”. Roses instantly shoveled team’s roster and showed he is not afraid of radical change. The dry language of numbers and statistics can be thereby that will unite the vision of the roses and Welfa how in the shortest possible time to improve the current state of “Timberwolves”. And it recently really associated with the measured snore of the pensioner in the chair, which, at times, lash out, only to be reminded that he is the owner of the club. Well, now Taylor will sleep better, knowing that he gave the club in good hands. Given for the money, of course.

Sold By “Mn”. Garnett please do not worry

Sold By “Mn”. Garnett please do not worry


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