Swindlers “parted” the legend of CSKA for money. The scheme is simple, but Kyle bought!

Swindlers “parted” the legend of CSKA for money. The scheme is simple, but Kyle bought!

Swindlers “parted” the legend of CSKA for money. The scheme is simple, but Kyle bought!

Ex-center CSKA’s Kyle Hines was the victim of fraud. The players of CSKA were attacked by phone scams. Scammers twice did a mailing to all players with a request to transfer money, but fell for the ploy only at the time 33-year-old captain of CSKA Hines, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

For the first time unknown tried to deceive players may 1. Almost all the players got the message in the messengers allegedly from the doctor-physiotherapist of the team, which requested a transfer to his account money, promising to repay the debt in the near future. Many players immediately became suspicious and wrote about it in team chat. In the end it turned out that the doctor didn’t send any messages with a request to transfer him the money.

“None of the guys except Kyle Hines, transferred. At that time he was overseas and probably due to the difference in time didn’t read the chat”, — quotes the sports Director of club “Moscow Komsomolets”.

Hines four — time Euroleague champion (two titles with CSKA, two with Olympiakos), the most decorated active player on the continent, the legend of “soldiers”. In the offseason, Kyle suddenly decided to leave the team and moved to Milan.

About the may incident would like to forget, but after two months, the players of CSKA again almost became the victims of swindlers. This time a message from an unknown number with a request to transfer funds came from the so-called press-attache of the team. The players already don’t believe in this trick of speculators. Forward of CSKA semen Antonov appealed to law enforcement bodies with the statement. On behalf of the Hines statement also wrote the sports Director of CSKA. Staff OMVD, the station began the test.

Emerges a disturbing trend in Russian sports. Scammers have found a new way to profit — deception of well-known personalities. The scheme is simple, but effective.

July 11, the day of the match “Spartaka” with “Sochi” in the 28th round of the Russian Premier League (0:1), it was reported that the head coach of red-whites Domenico Tedesco became a victim of fraud presented by the staff of the club. The incident occurred in Sochi on 9 July. Tedesco was sitting in his room when he received the text message asking the hotel if he now. The phone number was not familiar Domenico, but avatar was a photo of the employee of “Spartacus.” The specialist asked for help, and eventually the coach turned to fraudsters about 250 thousand rubles. At the moment the police engaged in search of malefactors.

The problem is that to track cheaters is not so simple. In such cases no one is using a permanent SIM card. Creates a fake web page with text familiar to the athlete of a man with a single purpose — to deceive. No connection with personality. cheater no. Dishonest personalities even harder to track not in hot pursuit. The information that Tedesco was the victim of fraud, appeared just two days after the Scam. In the case of Hines, too, all turned out not instantly. Basketball in General at that time was overseas.

Perhaps, Tedesco and Hines were not the only victims of scams. Just their situation became public. At least it can be argued that attempts to defraud the sports industry exist. Defender of “Spartacus” Georgy Jikia confirms this.

“Fraudsters and Tedesco? Not the first time it already. We write also to me wrote supposedly our doctor. I immediately sent. But even if you were a doctor, was also sent. Anyone do not give a loan finished with this charity. Only the needy” — the words Djikia the correspondent of “Championship” Maxim Pakhomov.

In addition, former FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Joãozinho said that during the matches faced with the provocations from rivals.

“Yes, sometimes, provoke. Although about the family can not speak – this is not football, and personal. It is hard to hold back. Sometimes, you can say: “I will break you”. Although it is only words, for which nothing follows.

Tried to fool crooks. Recently I “votsap” wrote the Utkin of “Krasnodar”. Said his wedding and he’s invited me with his family. And after some time asked if I could borrow 150 thousand rubles for the wedding. And asked to throw his phone kaboré and Klasson. The rooms are not given, have already passed through this. Said I would answer later. Two hours later, understood the situation and blocked the number. From the very beginning knew that it was not Utkin. These guys know their stuff. The fantasy they are great. If you lose focus, it is easy to come across,” — said Joãozinho in an exclusive interview to the correspondent of “Championship” Gregory Telingater.

Joãozinho faced fraud attempts and suspicious to all such situations. Djikia not fundamentally gives money to the debt, so that the crooks didn’t stand a chance. Not everyone shares this approach. Scammers are trying to find representatives of the sport who are willing to lend money. Sometimes they manage to pull off what. Incidents Hines and Tedesco should be a good lesson. You need to be careful several times to carefully check information when you are asked to lend money via text message, but not a familiar person during a private conversation.

Scammers are unlikely to stop soon. Attempts to cheat will continue, because the scheme is relatively new. We can only hope that the scammers will be punished.

Swindlers “parted” the legend of CSKA for money. The scheme is simple, but Kyle bought!

Swindlers “parted” the legend of CSKA for money. The scheme is simple, but Kyle bought!


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