The fat man-a criminal, nicknamed the Behemoth. The amazing story of the player-gangster Randolph

The fat man-a criminal, nicknamed the Behemoth. The amazing story of the player-gangster Randolph

The fat man-a criminal, nicknamed the Behemoth. The amazing story of the player-gangster Randolph

Sports way Zach Randolph can be an example. He progressively moved from school teams to University and then was selected in the draft-2001 under high 19-m peak.

Zach broke the stereotypes and worked on his body. Experts said that the feet of the fat man will not withstand pressures of the NBA, but he spent in the strongest League in the world 1116 matches with an average performance of almost 17 points, and sometimes giving performances with the dominant statistics like 38 points, 22 rebounds. At the end of the career, Z-Bo even began to throw three-pointers, and not just pushing with formidable opponents like Demarcus Cousins under the basket.

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Randolph was nicknamed Hippo, and it is exactly in keeping with his style of play on the Playground. With a powerful left-handed game player last connected light strings “Memphis Grizzlies”. And their link with mark Gazolem became one of the best in the League.

In the end, Bank account Randolph could also become a proof of its success. Over a long career the athlete earned about $ 120 million Amount, which will not fall from the sky just like that.

But never tell the children about the darker side of Zach Randolph.

How much has varied tenacious big man when the match ended. Sometimes the news was so incredible that I had to reread them a few times, as if asking himself: and this is exactly the same Randolph?

We should not, perhaps, seriously consider the theft of the Randolph pairs of pants from the store during high school. In the end, he grew up in a very poor family and stayed for 30 days in juvenile hall. Although the weapons theft and subsequent resale doesn’t look so innocuous.

But if this were his only offense.

Here is a list of his “failures” during his speech in the NBA. Here, not all violations of the big Zack, but the overall picture can be understood easily.

May 2002 — got drunk at the age of 20 years and 329 days, which is prohibited by law. The result — arrested.

April 2003 — training hit and smashed the face of teammate Ruben Patterson. The result — a disqualification from the club.

December 2003 — driving without a license, and after checking in his system was traces of marijuana. Summary — the arrest.

December 2006 — two cars registered to Randolph, was arrested during illegal racing.

December 2007 — charged for attempting to rape a stripper. Due to the lack of evidence the case has not received the course.

April 2008 — arrested for driving while intoxicated after the game against the Lakers. The result — the arrest and disqualification for two games.

May 2010 — police stopped a car belonging to Randolph, and finds a bunch of drugs and weapons. Basketball player at the time of the inspection in the car was not, therefore, punishment followed. But that’s when the rumors that Zach is connected to major drug dealers, have received significant confirmation.

The situation with charges of drug possession and repeated in 2017. Zack got off with a month of house arrest. A year later, on one of the Parking lots of his native city Zach was shot by his brother Roger. The ceremonies, the basketball player decided to spend at a strip club, for a visit that is not paid and once again disgraced.

Randolph can be called hardened recidivist-a convicted felon. He literally can’t live without violating the law. Pure gangster. Big Zach was a criminal group Hoop Family, whose members have been repeatedly arrested for murder and robbery. In his house found the symbolism of the Crips — the largest criminal Association in the United States, consisting mainly of African Americans. Zach very often went to the brink, but somehow miraculously never got to jail for a long time. Career in the NBA due to problems with the law is not broke.

Jason quick, a journalist from Portland, was able to very accurately describe the then young Randolph who, as history shows, will not change until the end of his rather long career.

“Deep down Zack is a really good person. However, he is both fascinated and gangster life. And he wants to be seen in that light,” said quick.

On paper it can even remotely remind you of Dennis Rodman, also fueled negative energy. Unfortunately, Zach was not his Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson.

It is difficult to say how successful would be the career of Randolph, he waste all their energies solely on basketball. But despite all the events surrounding his person, he is still considered to be one of the best at his position in this century. Randolph’s career in the NBA has covered 18: “Portland trail Blazers” (2001-2007), “new York Knicks” (2007-2008), “Los Angeles clippers” (2008-2009), “Memphis Grizzlies” (2009-2017), “Sacramento kings” (2017-2018). Of which half a dozen were solid and significantly above average by the standards of the NBA. In “Memphis,” Big Zack is considered a true legend, and in the history of the “Portland” left a significant mark. Surprisingly, one person really got gangster and an excellent player.

The fat man-a criminal, nicknamed the Behemoth. The amazing story of the player-gangster Randolph

The fat man-a criminal, nicknamed the Behemoth. The amazing story of the player-gangster Randolph


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