“The giraffe and the cornstalk”. The tragic story of the tallest player in NBA history

“The giraffe and the cornstalk”. The tragic story of the tallest player in NBA history

“The giraffe and the cornstalk”. The tragic story of the tallest player in NBA history

Manute Bol – the tallest player in NBA history. Even among high guys his height in centimeter 231 looked impressive, and larger scale hand turned African center in a protective car. I don’t think we will see player format Manute bol or another giant with a comparable increase Gheorghe Muresan in the near future. Basketball has changed a lot. So, the bol records will remain in the annals of the best League in the world for a long time.

Manute Bol
Born October 16, 1962 in Gogrial, Sudan
Died on June 19 2010 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
Career: Washington (1985-1988), “The Golden State” (1988-1990), Philadelphia (1990-1993), Miami (1993-1994), “Philadelphia” (1994), Washington (1994), “The Golden State” (1994-1995).
Achievements: selected in the second symbolic five of the NBA by playing defense (1986), the record for average number of unit shots in his debut season in the NBA (5.0 in season 1985/1986), the record for most block shots for half of one game (11 in the match against “Milwaukee” 12 December 1985).

Rudy Gobert is one of the main security specialists in the NBA right now and a real machine for the production of block shots. In an average career, the Frenchman covers the opponents of 2.2 times per game, and is actually very, very impressive figures. But next to Manute Ball even he seems a boy from school. For comparison, African basketball player during his 10-year career, weighed 2086 block shots (3.3 per game average) and this is a unique case when the player has the block more shots than points (1599 over 624 of the match).

Although the uniqueness of bol starts not on the basketball court. He was born in the distant Sudanese village where people hunted with spears for the lions and paid a ransom for the bride cows. The world knows the story told by Ball, when he managed to personally kill a lion.

Manute Bol learned about the existence of basketball at a rather Mature age. And decided to escape from his native country to the US, where it (or its growth) was waiting for the breeders. The surrounding is often called the young boy “giraffe and a giant” but good-natured giant quietly this is all perceived. At about the age of bol can only speak hypothetically. He literally was taken from the ceiling when you move to an American College. Decided to write smaller, to avoid problems with the school. The rumors about his real age go so far. According to one version, Manute played in the NBA, when he passed for “fifty dollars”.

“Any door in sports is open when you are 19 years old, and every door closed when you’re 35. He was probably 40-50 years old when he played in the NBA. I determined the date of birth on your own, because no one knew how old he really years. I think he was on his fourth top ten. I really think so. The bol had no idea how old he is, and the guy he came, too, had no idea how old he is. Nobody knew how old he is” — shared his observations the former coach of Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin McKee.

Stand out Bolu managed not only on a parquet NBA. Public respect he has earned and his philanthropic deeds. Giant saw on TV the life of their country and understand what assistance to compatriots will be his main mission in life. Almost all earned from playing basketball Bol money spent on building schools, hospitals, houses in his native Sudan, which was plagued by internal conflicts and war.

“I made enough money to devote himself to philanthropy, said Bol, who belonged to the ethnic Dinka. When I went to Sudan and saw what disasters fell on the common people, was horrified. I was told that the situation is bad, but I had no idea how it all started. I had to raise money and help. Already in the 1990-ies I was trying to tell the American government that in the near future from Islamic fundamentalists, who settled in Sudan will pose a real threat. However, the officials said, “Africa does not interest us”. I felt like a complete fool.”

He has flown home from the United States and followed the work of his Foundation. His height does not affect health, but the problem crept up from there, from not waiting. In the next trip Bol became ill with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. His skin started to blister and slowly disappeared, forcing him to feel the torment. All necessary assistance to ex-NBA player has had in the US, but there was no improvement. The disease, as often happens, began to complicate the work of other bodies, and in the 19 Jun 2010 heart ball stopped from kidney failure. He was 47 years old.

Basketball family affair continues Bolov Bol Bol, who recently made it to the NBA, but much more versatile and prepared for the game than his father, who had to master basketball by leaps and bounds (which, however, in the case of 231-cm basketball player a little easier).

Bol Jr., who plays in the “Denver nuggets”, recently played the match with a line of 16 points + 10 rebounds + 6 block shots. He has no money because he only gets a guaranteed $ 50 million per season, but there is no doubt that he will continue the great social work of his father.

“The giraffe and the cornstalk”. The tragic story of the tallest player in NBA history

“The giraffe and the cornstalk”. The tragic story of the tallest player in NBA history


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