The NBA begins a shootout! Today his victim finds out LeBron!

The NBA begins a shootout! Today his victim finds out LeBron!

The NBA begins a shootout! Today his victim finds out LeBron!

In the NBA coming to the end of the regular season. The teams left to play one match. Most games don’t have tournament value. Already decided 7 pairs of the playoffs: “Los Angeles clippers”, “Dallas Mavericks”, “Houston rockets” — “Oklahoma city thunder”, “Denver nuggets” — “Utah jazz”, “Philadelphia Sixers” — “Boston Celtics”, “Miami heat” — “Indiana Pacers”, “Brooklyn nets” — “Toronto raptors” and “Milwaukee” — “Orlando Medzhik”.

“Los Angeles Lakers” took first place in the Western conference. LeBron James and company learn of an opponent at the end of the play-offs between 8-9 teams of the conference. For the right to play the Lakers in the first round of fighting, “Phoenix suns”, “Portland trail Blazers”, “Memphis Grizzlies” and “San Antonio spurs”.

Phoenix misses the playoffs, despite the 100% result
Classifications in the race for eighth place in the West

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15 Aug 2020

Alex Falco

Portland will play with “Memphis” in the joint in the playoffs

In the NBA, the time has come knockout games. “The Portland trail Blazers and Memphis of Grizzlies” in the joint will determine the strongest for the right to play against “Los Angeles Lakers” in the first round of the playoffs in the Western conference. In fact, the postseason has already begun, the confrontation between the “Blazers” and “Grizzlies” can be considered a stage 1/16 finals.

“Portland” enough to win only once, “Memphis” need to win twice. “Blazers” is the clear favorite. It is likely that today the leader of the “Lakers” LeBron James learns first opponent in the postseason. The result is “Blazers” in a “bubble” — 6-2, the “Grizzlies” balance is the mirror opposite — 2-6.

Memphis lost the rest of the season due to the injury of Garena Jackson Jr., who tore the meniscus. Even with Jackson’s game “Grizzlies” is not impressive, and without it even more so. Ja Morant, Jonas Valanciunas and Dillon Brooks on the paper gain strong statistics, but they were defeated by all the motivated competitors (even frankly not sparkling “new Orleans Pelicans”) and beat only opponents who do nothing. Probably won all 8 matches of the regular championship “Phoenix” would be a more worthy opponent for “Blazers”, but “Memphis” was too large a margin before the “sons” before the break in the season due to pandemic coronavirus.

The “Portland” in phenomenal shape remains the point guard Damien Lillard, who is not tired to rewrite the history of the NBA impressive records.

But all is not well in the camp of the “Blazers”. Lillard is not made of iron, even his superhero performances led to victories on the brink in the last matches with unmotivated “Philadelphia Sixers” (124:121), “Dallas Mavericks” (134:131) and “Brooklyn nets” (134:133). What will happen when the Dam’s going to happen the downturn? Sooner or later it will happen. C. J. McCollum is playing with a back injury. Carmelo Anthony is good in a “bubble”, but his Prime time is long past. Yusuf Nurkic a little bit slowed down in confidence after the shock of the beginning of the regular season. Perhaps makes itself felt not optimal functional status after a missed year due to injury. Head coach of “Blazers” Terry Stotts uses a very short rotation. Gary Trent, Hassan Whiteside’, Anfernee Simons, Mario Hasania and Zach Collins — simple roleplayers. From this list, only Trent and Whiteside sometimes you can shoot to have at least some influence on the course of the game.

The dependence of “Portland” from Lillard’s huge, but the current “Memphis” is very bad. It would be strange if the “Blazers” will not work on. If Portland gets on the Lakers in the first round, the intrigue should not be observed. LeBron, Anthony Davis and company are probably easy to disassemble exhausted opponents.

14 Aug 2020

Alex Falco

Phoenix misses the playoffs, despite the 100% result

The greatest story — the departure “Phoenix”. “Sons” became the main sensation restart NBA season, having won 8 consecutive victories in 8 matches of the regular season. Nepolitana the only team among all 22 participants. It was not enough to qualify for the playoffs. Wards Monty Williams lost too much in the first part of the season before the break because of the pandemic coronavirus. “Memphis” frankly poorly played in Orlando, but the “Grizzlies” enough stock before the “sons”. The last victory against unmotivated “Milwaukee Bucks” (119:106) puts Memphis in the play-offs against Portland.

“Phoenix” with his head held high leaves the “bubble” in Orlando. The “sons” set a record in NBA history by a series of victories at the end of the regular season for a team that did not come out in the postseason. In addition, at the end of the season basketball players “Phoenix” showed the precision with free throws to 83.4%, which is the best result in League history. “Sons” has exceeded the “Boston Celtics” in the season of 1989/1990 — of 83.2%.

Devin Booker, Ricky Rubio, Deandre Ayton, Dario Saric, and MikaL bridges, Cameron Johnson managed to fall in love with their game fans. Many would like to see the “sons” in the playoffs, but not meant to be. However, the future of this young team definitely has. Next season, Phoenix should be a very efficient unit.

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Alex Falco

“San Antonio spurs” conceded in a match of the regular NBA championship with “Utah the jazz” (122:128) and advanced to the playoffs of the NBA, according to ESPN.

“Spurs” took the 11th place at the end of the regular season with a score of 32-39. The team of Gregg Popovich advanced to the playoffs of the NBA for the first time since 1997. In addition, for the first time since the season 1996/1997 “San Antonio” won with less than 50% wins in the regular season.

“Fake news” — said after the match, Popovic, trying trolling US President Donald trump.

13 Aug 2020

Alex Falco

One of the most interesting in the first round is a pair in the East, “Boston Celtics” — “Philadelphia Sixers”. Before the start of the season, Philadelphia was seen as the main competitor of “Milwaukee Bucks” for the lead in the Eastern conference. The reality has appeared more severe for the wards of Brett brown. Al Horford do not fit into the team. Tobias Harris does not fulfill a five-year contract for $ 180 million Sixers sorely lacking strong snipers because Ben Simmons still doesn’t want to attack from behind the arc. Joel Embiid is also not an outstanding shooter. In addition, Simmons and Embiid regularly injured. Ben dropped out before the end of the season after the restart of the season, Joel needs to play in the playoffs, but he also has some problems.

Boston finished the regular season in third place. Nothing magical “Celtics” is not shown, but also a failure, such a result cannot be called. The club is pretty, as evidenced by the recently concluded contract extension with head coach brad Stevens. The “Boston” a solid squad. Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen brown, Marcus Smart, ENES Kanter and the company expect to go the Phillies. The “Sixers” serious problems with the staff, but to write off this team is not worth it. Embiid should play, and therefore the chances of success of the team brown will be. Might finally “come to life” of Horford, who last summer moved to the “Philadelphia” out of “Boston.”

Alex Falco

In pairs “Denver nuggets” — “Utah the jazz” and “Miami heat” — “Indiana Pacers” rivals have roughly equal chances. Factor home court in Orlando is out to give someone a clear advantage. “Nuggets”, “jazz”, “Hit” and “Pacers” don’t look too convincing in “the bubble”. Weaknesses everyone has. “Denver” had crumpled the preseason due to infection with coronavirus star center Nikola Jokic and personal problems of some players. Team chemistry “Utah” seems to be violated because of the conflict Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. In addition, the injury to Bojan Bogdanovich has serious ambitions “jazz”.

“Indiana” does not exclude the return of Domantas Sabonis during the playoffs, although the original projections, the player was eliminated before the end of the season because of a heel injury. From of plantar fasciitis suffers best player “Pacers” in a “bubble” T. J. Warren, but he’s able to get out on the floor, despite health problems. In the “Miami” recently recovered Jimmy Butler and Goran dragic, but that hardly gives a serious advantage to the wards Eric Spoelstra. The “Miami” and “Indiana” same result in the standings (44-28), the level of competition is also similar. In the last face-to-face date “Hit” has confidently understood with “Pacers” (114:92), but in the playoffs will be a completely different game.

Alex Falco

A confrontation, “Houston rockets” — “Oklahoma city thunder” is very fundamental because of some factor Chris Paul. In the offseason-2019 the rockets traded Sex in “Oklahoma city” on Russell Westbrook. Chris didn’t plan to be in reorganization team, but the leader of the “Houston” James harden decided that he has more chances to win the title in conjunction with Westbrook. However, Paul did not just pass the number in the “thunder” and receive $ 38.5 million contract. Chris made a powerful gang with Dennis Schroder, Gilges Shay-Alexander, Steven Adams and Danilo Gallinari.

“Thunder” has surpassed all preseason expectations by the very fact of the struggle for the playoffs, not to mention fifth place in the standings strong Western conference. For that Billy Donovan was named the best head coach of the NBA by version their colleagues. “Oklahoma city” plays the role of underdog, but the easy life the rockets should not wait. Paul really wants to beat Harden with his new team. The passage of “thunder” in the next round would be sensational, but not science fiction.

Alex Falco

Of couples have already decided the playoffs some of them are blatantly one-sided. Milwaukee needs to confidently pass the “Orlando” and “Toronto” is unlikely to have great problems against Brooklyn. Although sensational and uncompromising “nets” too cannot be underestimated in any case.

A pair of “Los Angeles clippers”, “Dallas Mavericks”, first of all, involves the duel of the stars. Kawai Leonard and Paul George vs Luke Danica and Kristaps Porzingis. However, the clippers are the clear favorite of the series. The team has Doc rivers ‘ decent depth. Montrez Harrell recently returned to the team after solving personal problems outside of the campus. Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley also for some time absented himself from the team and is now gathering pace. The “clippers” are minor luxury of selecting Marcus Morris, and Reggie Jackson. Leonard and George experienced Donica and Porzingis, and the depth of the composition of the “clippers” generally better than “Dallas”. Although without a fight Luke Doncic unlikely to give up.

Alex Falco

“Phoenix”, “Portland”, “Memphis” or “San Antonio” — one of them will be the opponent for the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. “Los Angeles” will act as a clear favorite in any case. The most dangerous opponent for the Lakers is considered Portland. Lillard and company can really tickle the nerves of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, the “trail Blazers” was exhausted, and the play-offs (or even one game) run the risk of really wear down the team of Terry Stotts.

Alex Falco

“San Antonio” became a victim of the calendar. “Spurs” has spent 70 matches on two matches less, “Phoenix” and “Memphis” and the three less than the “Portland”. “San Antonio” suffered less losses (38) than competitors (all 39 losses). However, the final rankings will be by win percentage, which significantly reduces the chances of the Texans. For truly objective summing up it is necessary that all competitors carried the same number of matches. Pandemic coronavirus resulted in emergency circumstances when such an important detail just closed my eyes.

Head coach “spurs” Gregg Popovich before the last match against “Utah” recognized that understands the low probability of getting his team to the playoffs. Competitors are unlikely to massively fail. “San Antonio” close to the series termination record entering the postseason with a length of 23 years. Popovich does not care. He is proud of the fact that his players remain among the contenders for a ticket to the last match of the regular championship in a “bubble”. At the clip of Popovich no longer has the legendary Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. Coach Pop is building a young team from scratch, albeit with the help of an experienced demar derozan has, Rudy gay, Marco Belinelli and Lamarcus Aldridge (not playing in Orlando because of an injury). Next season derrick white, Lonnie Walker, Keldon Johnson and Dejante Murray will probably make the step forward that will allow the “San Antonio” to return to the playoffs. Although this season is too early to write off the spurs. In the NBA sometimes there are great surprises.

Alex Falco

Portland has won 5 matches of 2 defeats after the restart. The confident stride, but there is reason to doubt the ability to “trail Blazers” long to keep the shock rate. In the last two games against Philadelphia (124:121) and “Dallas” (134:131) began to be traced to a dependence on Damien of Lillard, who scored a total of 112 points and virtually single-handedly brought “Portland” victory. C. J. McCollum is playing with a serious back injury. Yusuf Nurkic and Carmelo Anthony too, not iron, although in General they are still show quality basketball.

Head coach of “Blazers” Terry Stotts uses a very narrow rotation. In addition upomyanutoj of Lillard, and McCollum, Anthony and Norceca, on the floor go Mario Hasania, Gary Trent’, Anfernee Simons, Hassan Whiteside and Zach Collins. Trent was pleasantly surprised, but still “Portland” is sorely lacking depth. Lillard has earned the right to play in the joints in the playoffs, but the team at risk just to fizzle out. Deym can’t score more than 50 points in each game.

Alex Falco

“Phoenix” — the main sensation of a restart season. “Sons” got 7 wins in a row in Orlando. The probability of the release of “Phoenix” in the play-off before resuming the season was less than 1%, but now the chances of a team Monty Williams is more than real. Devin Booker, Ricky Rubio, Deandre Ayton, MikaL bridges and the company did not pay attention to critics and naysayers. “The Phoenix” have to win one match to get the opportunity to play in the shootout, although you need to hope for a desired alignment of the competitors ‘ games.

“Sons” can count on the defeat of the “Memphis” from Milwaukee, even though a gift from Brooklyn in the game with the “Portland” is not ruled out. “Nets” with his composition “novamov” going 5-2 with a balance that is better than the result of “clippers” and “Lakers”. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Jordan, Spencer Dinwiddy, Thorin Prince is even a partial list of losses “Brooklyn”. However, little-known artists Timothy Luwawa of Nabarro, Chris Chiozza, Tyler Johnson, Jeremiah Martin, Donte Hall, and the rest do not cease to surprise. In General, it would be a shame if Phoenix would go the distance and will not play in the play-offs for the playoffs. Now the “sons” clearly stronger “Memphis.”

Alex Falco

“Memphis” is terrible in a “bubble”. The team of Taylor Jenkins squandered a huge margin over its competitors after the result of 1-6. Loss due to injury “large” Garena Jackson Jr. makes the team very vulnerable. However, in butt matches for the right to play in the playoffs “Grizzlies” can get through. Their last opponent “Milwaukee Bucks” will play without suspended forward Giannis antetokounmpo.

It is not excluded that the head coach of “Bucks” Mike Budenholzer give the rest to Chris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe and brook Lopez. Although “Memphis” had problems with the achievement of the result even in games against unmotivated contender. Defeat from “Boston Celtics” (107:122) proof.

Alex Falco

Classifications in the race for eighth place in the West

The main intrigue of the remaining matches of the regular season: who will be eligible to play in the play-offs for the playoffs in the Western conference? There are four contenders: “Portland”, “Memphis”, “Phoenix” and “San Antonio”. A key parameter in the allocation of places is the winning percentage.

Position of commands:

“Portland Trail Blazers” 34-39 (46.6 Per Cent)
“Memphis Grizzlies” 33-39 (45,8%)
“The Phoenix Suns” 33-39 (45,8%)
“San Antonio Spurs” 32-38 (45,7%)

The program of the last game day for the candidates:

“Portland Trail Blazers” — “Brooklyn Nets”
“Memphis Grizzlis” — “Milwaukee Bucks”
“Phoenix Suns”, “Dallas Mavericks”
“San Antonio Spurs” — “Utah Jazz”

Scenarios contact each of the 4 teams in the tournament play-in.


8 in case of victory over “Brooklyn” or with the defeat of “Memphis”, “Phoenix” and “San Antonio”
9 in the case of defeat from “Brooklyn” and losses of two competitors (“Phoenix”, “San Antonio”, “Memphis”)
The departure in case of defeat from “Brooklyn” wins two competitors


8 in case of victory over “Milwaukee” and defeat the “Portland” from “Brooklyn”
9 in the case of victory over “Milwaukee” and winning the “Portland” or in the case of defeat from “Milwaukee” and losses “Phoenix” and “San Antonio” at the same time
The departure in case of defeat from “Milwaukee” and victories “Phoenix” and “San Antonio”


8 in case of victory over “Dallas” and defeats the “Portland” and “Memphis” at the same time
9 in the case of a victory over “Dallas” and defeat the “Portland” or “Memphis”

The departure in case of defeat from “Dallas”

“San Antonio”

8 in case of a victory over Utah and defeats all competitors (“Phoenix”, “Portland”, “Memphis”)
9 in the case of a victory over Utah and defeats two rivals.
The departure in case of defeat from “Utah”

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The NBA begins a shootout! Today his victim finds out LeBron!

The NBA begins a shootout! Today his victim finds out LeBron!


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