The team from Perm roll star Madrid in Madrid. Dragged Russian players

The team from Perm roll star Madrid in Madrid. Dragged Russian players

The team from Perm roll star Madrid in Madrid. Dragged Russian players

The achievement of “Ural-great” was won so long ago that until today has reached only some myths and legends. Almost like ancient Greek. But it was at the beginning of the XXI century, and the Perm club is still the only team (besides CSKA), won gold of the championship of Russia (2001, 2002).

The opportunity to experience the atmosphere that prevailed then in the city, and try to realize the feat that made the management and coaching staff of the club, gives the documentary “Ural-great. 20 years later”.

In Perm became a great team, uniting players and fans in one family. And the family in early 2002 achieved one of the most memorable victories in their history, defeating the most powerful star “real” (95:88), headed by Sasha Djordjevic (two-time winner of the award “Mr. Europe” the best player of the Old world) and Jean Tabak (NBA champion in 1995 in the “Houston rockets”) on its site. Also in the “creamy” distinguished representatives of the Spanish backbone of Raul Lopez and Alberto Herreros. And headed the team of Sergio Scariolo, the current world champion as the head coach of the Spanish national team and the NBA champion 2019 in the role of assistant nick Nurse in “the Toronto raptors”.

Its European ambitions, the team showed a few weeks before the first meeting with real Madrid in the second group round of the Euroleague, when the beat of “butter” in the exhibition match, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Madrid giants. Then somebody even said that the way to behave on a holiday simply indecently. But much importance to that game nobody gave. First, it was an unofficial match. And secondly, several players of real Madrid did not play due to injuries. In any case, real Madrid is the most titled club of Europe (10 wins in Euroleague). Beat “butter”, and even in Madrid is always a great achievement.

To exit the meeting, “Ural great” has managed well to prepare. A couple of weeks before the start of the Top 16 Urals signed a contract with a very strong defender of PAOK of Greece Panagiotis Liadelis. That Greek became the most productive player of the match on 28 January 2002, scoring 30 points and having the floor a little less than 33 minutes of playing time.

However, it is no Liadelis was the most useful. The power of attacks of the Russian team added Ruslan Avleev. In the season 2001/2002 198-cm forward averaged 19 points per game, having one of the best stages in their careers. In the capital of Spain Avleev broke double-double: 26 points and 10 rebounds. Efficiency rating Ruslan made an impressive 42 points, which made him the MVP award for game of the week. Avleev significantly ahead of the nearest pursuers center of Olympiacos Patrick Femerling (34 points) and 21-year-old heavy forward “Tau Ceramics” Luis Scola (33 points), who continues his career in the Euroleague to this day, playing for “Milan”.

X-factor remarkable victory in Madrid was also another newcomer “Ural-great” Vasco (Basil) Evtimov. Bulgarian with a French passport and a growth of 208 cm spent only 13 minutes, but well defended: collected 7 rebounds and drew praise from the head coach and a maximalist in life of Sergey Belov.

In modern times, of course, difficult to imagine how the Russian team can win away at real Madrid with just four players in the squad. But then collected in the “Ural Great” domestic players do not only was the best in the country, but also entered the elite of European basketball.

In addition to the above Avleev in the game 35 minutes played Sergey Panov (8 points + 10 rebounds + 4 assists), 25 minutes spent Vasily Karasev (8 points with 3 of 6 games) 18 minutes it was on account of one of the best center of his generation , Mikhail Mikhailov and 12 minutes Sergei Belov allocated to Alexander Bashminov. It is significant that in the starting lineup came just four Russian players — Panov, Karasev, Avleev and Mikhailov. Five Russian players “Ural-great” in an average season showed two-digit average rating of efficiency — Panov (10.9 points), Karasev (11.2 points), Mikhailov (15.9 points), who missed the game in Madrid Valeri Daineko (14.9 points) and Avleev (22.6 points). Most helpful to the team was Avleev, ahead of Liadelis (19.2 points). Unfortunately, it is impossible to imagine a similar picture with the importance of the local performers in a competitive Russian club in the Euroleague.

By the way, the only one of the Permyakov, who the game points scored, was American forward Willie Burton act. Again that the legionaries though, and helped the team, but generally “solved” the Russian backbone. After the match the head coach “Ural great” Sergei Belov opened the card, noting that those three minutes the striker was necessary to maintain the combat mindset Ruslan Avleev.

“Look Avleev. In order to keep a fighting spirit is Ruslan, I deliberately let the Burton act. His poor play was not a surprise to me. But this time Avleev managed to relax and had a great end of the match”, — said after the match the coach of the Russian club.

“Start the Top 16 with a defeat, definitely not the best scenario, but my team will fight till the end. We had a lot of tactical mistakes. We managed to contain the “Ural-great” using the zone defense, but the opponents have used their physical superiority and were better in the game one on one”, — said Sergio Scariolo.

Unfortunately, the victory in the first match of Top-16 have not been developed in the following games. The Urals have lost four games in a row, including a home match with real Madrid. That game was the highest scoring of the season and, despite the final score (104:113), is still in the memory of the Perm fans who habitually gathered a full house in the Hammer.

Rights to the video belong to Euroleague Basketball. Watch the video in YouTube account with EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL.

“Real” in the away match against “Ural-great” set a Euroleague record for free throws: 34 hits of 34 attempts. The team was on the line just 19 times, and “made a difference”.

“Ural-great” (2-4) took the last place in the group. The first was Bologna “Virtus” (4-2), is located next to real Madrid (3-3) and “Efes Pilsen” (3-3). In the “Final four” by then the format got the winner of the group. That is to say that a home defeat from “Ural great” to a large extent blocked the “real” path to the title. By the way, the home team won and the winner of the Quartet “Virtus” (87:78), which was headed by the future coach of CSKA Ettore Messina. The Italians went on to reach the final, where they lost “Panathinaikos” (83:89).

In any case, the fact of getting “Ural-great” in the Top 16 of the Euroleague can be considered a success. The season 2001/2002 the team finished with a victory in the championship of Russia, having beaten in a final series of UNICS Kazan. After a year on the throne will come back to CSKA, which prevail against “Ural-great” in the final. The team will make some noise at the international level, in particular, will win the FIBA Cup in 2006. In 2009, the “Ural-great” ceased to exist due to financial problems, but the memory of the success of the Perm club lives on to this day. “Ural-great” is one of the few teams in Russia, which is in summary an outstanding point: “the victory over real Madrid”.

The team from Perm roll star Madrid in Madrid. Dragged Russian players

The team from Perm roll star Madrid in Madrid. Dragged Russian players


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