Tyson Fury says he’s ‘deadly serious’ about facing WWE champion Drew McIntyre

Tyson Fury regained his crown as the best heavyweight on the planet earlier this year, just like he said he would.

The Gypsy King dismantled Deontay Wilder back in February to claim the WBC heavyweight title and now he has his sights set on facing the best the division has to offer and cementing his legacy.

Tyson Fury says he's 'deadly serious' about facing WWE champion Drew McIntyre

Tyson Fury has a whole new set of goals now he is WBC champion

Prior to that, Fury had competed in WWE against now-Universal champion Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

The 31-year-old had suffered a terribly cut eye against Otto Wallin in September that required 47 stitches and many felt competing in WWE on October 31 was ill-advised, especially with the Wilder rematch looming just over four months later.

Still, Fury went to Saudi Arabia and defeated Strowman and he has insisted he’d like to have another stint in WWE when the time was right.

Now that Drew McIntyre is the first-ever British WWE champion, it seems like Fury’s imagination has got going.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius during his workout on Instagram Live, Fury said he wants to concentrate on boxing in the near future, but he had to admit he would like to face the Scot in a wrestling ring in the UK.

Tyson Fury says he's 'deadly serious' about facing WWE champion Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is the top star in WWE right now

“I’m too busy to do a ‘Tyson Fury Life Story’ or become an actor or something like that. I can’d do that right now. But, the one thing I would be open to doing – and this is deadly serious – I would be open to fight Drew McIntyre in WWE.

“It’s amazing what he’s done, the first British WWE world heavyweight champion. Congratulations, Drew. And you know, I think it would be a massive showdown in the UK and one to watch, for sure. I think everyone would be inspired and love to watch it.”

Fury thinks there’s a great appeal to having two British names crossover and face each other, but he loved everything about his stint in WWE regardless. All except the travelling, at least!

Tyson Fury says he's 'deadly serious' about facing WWE champion Drew McIntyre

Tyson Fury and Drew McIntyre have exchanged words in the past

“[Working with WWE] was absolutely fantastic. I had one of the best times of my life with the WWE over in Saudi Arabia. It was absolutely amazing.

“Before that I was training at the Performance Center in Orlando and all over America doing the stuff, I really, really enjoyed it. It was hard work – a lot of travelling commitment – but the fun of it all was second to none.

“Having watched it all my life and to then be apart of it and see how it’s all done, it was an amazing experience.”


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