We know all of your cracks. Weaknesses of the teams favorites

We know all of your cracks. Weaknesses of the teams favorites

We know all of your cracks. Weaknesses of the teams favorites

Weaknesses there are with any team. Especially now, when each of the 22 teams who have arrived in Orlando, will be forced to play in unusual and unique environments. Even minor cracks will be enough to clear favorites began to fall apart and go down right in front of us.

Here is a list of those who, as a player start, maybe unwittingly, to contribute to the departure of their teams at crucial stages of the playoffs.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (“Los Angeles Lakers”)

This citizen for a couple with Alex Caruso will make up for the absence of key defender in the starting five of the Lakers Avery Bradley. But that’s if Caruso for concentration on the job refused to go to my sister’s wedding and remained in a “Bubble”, the Pope as in the regular season and in the friendlies showed himself a player inconsistent and changeable.

Despite the fact that Kentavious is the fourth highest-scoring player on your team (9.5 points per game), he has a negative rating of shots in terms of 100 possessions (1.6 million). And given the fact that the Pope still doesn’t work in defence, though in fact in the given conditions have to do it for themselves and for the green, Kentavious is the weakest position in the cage one of the main contenders for the title.

Ivica Zubac (“Los Angeles Clippers”)

During his stay in Orlando “clippers” fairly quickly managed to become the worst violators of all conceivable protocols, and plentifully sowed a lot of doubt in their own cohesion and readiness to apply for the main award.

Patrick Beverly was away on a family emergency, Lou Williams combined a visit to grandpa’s funeral with trips to the strip club, Montreal Harrell went to the sick grandmother and I will miss the first official match against the Lakers, Marcus Morris joined the team much later than the others. Like Morris, much later than the rest of the team arrived and the main center “clippers” Ivica Zubac, only everything else he said that all this time was sick with coronavirus.

Despite the fact that “clippers” are considered to be one of the deepest teams in composition, all these crossings can greatly affect her mood. Itself Zubaz very good, in 36 minutes on the floor 23-year-old center gives the “clippers” of 15.9 points and 14.4 rebounds and all this with made shots in 60%.

The obvious omission in the game Horvath looks his inability to throw from a distance, and in such situations, Doc rivers often changed zoubi on Montreal of Harrell. But where is this Montreal and in what condition he will be when he returns… If he returns not in the best condition, it will have to take Subaru, and in the segment where he malacostracan.

Eric Gordon (The”Houston Rockets”)

Everything looks pretty mourning. We have often written about the significance they want chubby defender for Houston. He is one of the main stationary truckers team and the first option for gear James Harden when the shrink a few defenders. So Gordon played due to injuries in just 34 matches in the season, in the last test match he got a knee injury and left the ground only with the help of medical staff.

X-rays showed no serious injuries, and coach Mike D Antoni has assured that the player has eliminated a maximum for 1-2 weeks, but Houston is known that does not like to give clear information on the injuries, and given the compressed format of the competition two weeks Eric will be insufficient to return and immediately give the desired result. And from him-then he needed. Will be very sad if the rockets once again have to fight in the playoffs not only rivals, but also with injuries of their players.

Eric Bledsoe (“Milwaukee”)

Speaking frankly, the main point guard “deer” along with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kris Middleton brings the greatest contribution to the team. Only here the example of last year, we were able to observe that it happens to the moment that starts the playoffs.

15.9 points, 4.6 rebounds, 5.5 assists, 32.9% of the implementation of three-pointers, accounting for 48.4% accuracy of shots from the game: this is the average Bledsoe in the regular season. Now compare with the matches in the series to four victories. Of 10.2 points and 4.3 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 17.2% of the implementation of three-pointers, 29,4% accuracy of shots from the game.

“Buck” teerat when Bledsoe biting opponents in defence and pours from behind the arc in the attack, and if Eric falls into a stupor, then the problem simplifies to rivals in order to fill a three-second overall by the players, and thus to deprive the Yannis his main weapon — passes.

In such cases, “Milwaukee” gets nervous, loses on a disorderly firing from a distance and, as a rule, surrenders to the winner. So as Bledsoe is an important factor for the “Buck” than having a healthy and ready Yannis.

Marc Gasol (The”Toronto Raptors”)

Sounds utopian, but the presence in the starting five of Kyle Lowry checked with Fred van Vliet and young Oh JI Anwari and Pascal Siakam leaves no other alternatives. Mark already nemanjic (35 years), plus he lost a lot of weight while he was on quarantine, and it is not yet clear whether it will do him and the team good.

On the one hand, the Spaniard will be much easier on the legs, and his long-suffering knees pleading will make the clank with every movement, on the other, the dimensions of Brand, its power and density have helped in the past the playoffs to cope in a Yannis. The Greek burst into the paint and will inevitably flew on heavy, skillfully using its volume Gasol. How will this time, Pomorie.

We know all of your cracks. Weaknesses of the teams favorites

We know all of your cracks. Weaknesses of the teams favorites


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