“We tried the “gunpowder” of Euroleague, I hope, will take a step forward.” Forward of “Zenith” to the end of the season

“We tried the “gunpowder” of Euroleague, I hope, will take a step forward.” Forward of “Zenith” to the end of the season

“We tried the “gunpowder” of Euroleague, I hope, will take a step forward.” Forward of “Zenith” to the end of the season

The Euroleague has officially abandoned plans to finish the season. In 2020/21 the tournament will take part the same 18 teams. It’s a little cynical, but I guess you can say that “Zenith” the situation with coronavirus even benefited: you got a second chance, occupying the last place at the time of stoppage of the draw…

— First of all, I believe that the Euroleague has made a calculated decision based on current situation and opportunities. 18 teams is about eight of the participating countries, and the atmosphere is always different. It is difficult to bring everyone under one denominator. And about the fact that “Zenit” had the opportunity to participate the second year, it is difficult to speculate, we were lucky or not. After all, we don’t know what the solution would take the Euroleague for our team, if we finish the season. In any case, we take it as an opportunity to prove themselves and prove that everything is not in vain and “Zenith” knowingly acts in this tournament.

Do you think that next season, when the club will initially be to prepare for the Euroleague, not Eurocup, as it was last summer, the chance to take a higher place in the table will be added?

— Now we can only guess, and it is a thankless task. The only thing I can say from my side, we have last season is still about eight people on contracts if I’m not mistaken. On this basis, there is some optimism. The backbone of the team, most of it is not the first year, we each other know, so it may be easier to find a common language on the court. Plus many people have tried “gunpowder” Euroleague understand about what and how and I hope that we all together take a step forward and show the best result.

— By the way, about the composition. Rumor has it that Zenit have an active interest in the leader of the “Khimki”. Come you like such a rookie in the team?

— Look, Leh Swede is a great guy, we communicate well, can think of him only positive. Think he’ll fit right in to most teams. But let us all not to believe the rumors. When will any official news, then we will think.

— Judging from your instagram account, you some time ago already began to make tolerances in the mode of self-isolation. To train at home after the decisions are also stopped?

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Вы же помните дни, в которые мы как бы работали, но не работали? Так вот, они как бы закончились, но не закончились😂 #Самоизоляция #2020 #Отпуск #Весна #Май #StayTrue #GameOn #Quarantine #Selfisolation #Дом #СТанцемПоЖизни #Питер #ЧПХ #МирДружбаЖвачка #МирТрушМай #Love #Eat #Repeat

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— And this, by the way, I wonder. After Breakfast in the morning, sat down to watch the workout plan and caught myself thinking that it’s been a little harder to tune to work out… But the more was my pride, when I performed this exercise. Frankly, I already done it outdoors, in the yard, where there is a place, and really was a huge pleasure. Try to go for a bit, get some fresh air, because in General it is useful and strengthens the immune system. Of course, follow all the rules: mask, gloves…

— And really need to train now? Not it’s time to take a break from everything when it became clear that the matches this season already precisely will not be any?

— That’s a good question. But while the wave goes by, I see some nice improvements, I want to continue. I think it is a sin to stop themselves in their own desires.

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Мир 🌍, дружба 👫🏼, жвачка 🍬 Весело😜, полезно🥗 и дружно🤝🏐🏀 проводим время, а главное продуктивно🏋️🤼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️🕺💃 P.S: Инстаграмм удалял прошлые видео, надеюсь, что сейчас все будет четко🙃 #ТренировкаДома #ТанцыОбжиманцы #ХоумВидео #СлимФитБичс #Workout #Мотивация #StayTrue #Волейбол #Баскетбол #Спорт

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— If to speak specifically about the ball and the ring, itching or have become accustomed to do without?

Honestly, I miss the ring and knock the ball, the sound of the net when the ball passes through. Somehow, in my head date of 1 June. CPS introduced the stages of the lifting of restrictions. I think early summer should already be easing. I hope that will open the gyms and will have the opportunity not only to physically support myself in shape, but also technically at the site.

— “Last dance” managed to get into your program of films and serials in isolation?

I haven’t seen him yet. Let me explain why. First of all, I’ve been waiting for will be released all ten series, so the view was up to me, not release dates of every episodes. Well, generally I watch movies and TV shows on feeling. I’m not sure even that will do it in the summer. Maybe in September at the training camp I want to be inspired and to be played “Last dance”. Now the task number one is to relax, because the waiting period is over. I want to go back home to see family, I don’t have serials, but I put it in the folder “‘ll be watching.”

“We tried the “gunpowder” of Euroleague, I hope, will take a step forward.” Forward of “Zenith” to the end of the season

“We tried the “gunpowder” of Euroleague, I hope, will take a step forward.” Forward of “Zenith” to the end of the season


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