Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? – Essentially Sports

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

There are many great tennis individuals the world has to offer who make it difficult to pick out the best. The recent technological advancements in racket technology, nutrition and fitness make it even impossible. The most popular personalities in soccer are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar. And for tennis, it is not that different either since some prominent names are battling out for dominance in the genre. Here, we feature some of the greatest tennis players.

Before we get to compile the best players list regarding by smartbettingguide.com, we have a look at the rankings.  

Basis of World Ranking

ATP #1 Novak Djokovic

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

Novak Djokovic

The governing body for the ranking of tennis players in the world is the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). According to ATP, Serbian Novak Djokovic is currently the number one ranked player in the world of tennis. He has achieved so much in his career. He is the first Serbian international to be ever ranked number one in the world and to win a grand slam title. His impressive 5-set win against Federer at the Wimbledon championship showcased he is deserving of the number one rank.

ATP #2 Rafael Nadal

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

Rafael Nadal

Coming in second is the Spaniard Rafael Nadal. His name the common household name all around the world. Speaking of talent, Nadal has talent when it comes to smashing the ball. He achieved to be ranked the number one player by the Association of Tennis Professionals year-end for four times. Nadal has the most astonishing career profile of the many top-ranked tennis players.

ATP #3 Roger Federer

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

Roger Federer

Closing the top three is the record-breaking Swiss international Roger Federer. His name is at the back of every individual that knows what is tennis. He has accomplished some of the most unspeakable challenges in sportsmanship of all time. He has retained the number one spot for a collectively 310 weeks. Not to mention he held it for a consecutive time of 237 weeks which no tennis player in history has ever been able to realize that.

WTA #1 Ashleigh Barty

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

Ashleigh Barty

Moving to the tennis divas governed by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). At the top of the rankings is Australian Ashleigh Barty currently the number one ranked female tennis player. The second Australian to hold such a rank and she is also among the top 20 in doubles.

WTA #2 Karolina Pliskova

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

Karolina Pliskova

She is the former number one ranked player. Czech Republic Karolina Pliskova comes in second after Barty. She has won many titles since her childhood and is a key figure in her country.

WTA #3 Naomi Osaka

Who are the Greatest Players in Tennis? - Essentially Sports

Wrapping the top 3 list at the WTP rankings is Japanese’s Naomi Osaka. She has been remarkable at the tennis court which granted her the number one spot. Naomi became the first-ever Asian player to ever hold that spot.

Best Players of all time

Away from current ATP and WTP rankings, there are those sporting personalities that have had great runs in their careers. Some of them have retired from participating but their influence is overwhelming to be recognized. Briefly, we look at the best all-time tennis players in the men and women’s category. For every tournament you can place a bet at best tennis betting sites

Men’s Category

Roger Federer is by far is the most deserving candidate to be granted the number one greatest player of all time. With a record of 20 grand slam titles and a total of 102 titles grossing to $123,340,700 prize rewards in his career run. The fact that he is still competing and winning at the age of 38 no doubt he deserves that top spot. No player in history has come close to his achievement and not for a very long time.

Rafael Nadal comes close to Federer by achieving an impressive 19 grand slam titles and an overall 84 titles in his career. Nadal has grossed close to $115,178,800 in all competitions. He has the potential to beat Federer’s 20 grand slam titles being just 33 years of age.

Closing the list is the 16-time grand slam champion, Novak Djokovic. Grossing $135,000,000 from competing professionally with 76 titles in his name. Being the current number one gives him the potential to be in the hall of fame if he holds on tight to that spot.

Women’s Category 

American powerhouse Serena Williams owns the open era record by having lifted the grand slam 23 times. Serena has dominated the scenes in her career enabling securing 72 titles grossing to close to $90,800,000 in prize rewards. The act that she is still competing up to date gives her advantage over Margaret Court.

In the history of tennis, Margaret Court is the best female player of all time. Having secured 24 grand slam titles and a total of 192 titles to her name. Court recorded a superb 377 weeks at the number one spot in her career.


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